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Photo & Video Learning Guides

Learn the photography and video skills you need with these specially curated learning guides to help you master everything from video editing to creating masterful photo effects.

Each learning guide consists of an overview of the subject along with a hand-picked selection of links to relevant tutorials and courses to help you master a particular subject. In Learn Photoshop Actions, for example, you'll discover what Photoshop actions are and how to install and use them. Then you'll get links to free tutorials and premium video courses to help you learn more. With so much to discover, your only problem is deciding what to learn first.

  1. Wedding Photography

    6 Posts
    Wedding photography is an exciting and diverse photographic niché. Photographing weddings is also a great way to get started in professional photography. There's nothing like photographing weddings to sharpen your skills. In this series, we explore how to get prepared for the big day, cover all your bases, and even work in a little fun and creativity along the way.
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  2. Product Photography

    13 Posts
    Product photography is a very important genre of commercial photography: making products look attractive. It's not hard to get started with product photography and it can be very rewarding, and even a fascinating thing to do.
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  3. How To Use Your iPhone Like a Pro

    11 Posts
    The iPhone is a camera to be reckoned with. Apple has earning top-spot as the most popular camera manufacturer on Flickr, with more pictures being taken with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s than any other device. And while popular, the iPhone isn't perfect. This series shows how to get the most from your smartphone-come-camera for photo and video.
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  4. Split Toning Your Photographs for Emotional Impact and Excitement

    4 Posts
    Split toning is the process of tinting the shadows of an image in one colour and the highlights in another colour, and it is a practice as old as photography itself. Although split toning comes from a black and white darkroom tradition, and mostly commonly applied to black and white images, the method can also be used quite successfully with colour images. This series explores the theoretical, technical, and creative possibilities of split toning photographs with digital post-production.
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  5. Conversations With Creative Collaborators

    8 Posts
    In this interview series we talk to creative professionals who use photography how they view and engage with pictures in their work. We talk to editors, designers, advertisers, and directors: the people who use photography every day and decide how your images are used.  We've asked them about their relationship to photography and photographers to see how they view their market, the nature of photography, and the role of images in the world today.
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  6. Video Jumpstart Guide

    7 Posts
    "Stop making excuses, just go out and shoot!" That's the mantra of countless teachers, well-wishers, and more-experienced filmmakers, but is it good advice? What does it actually take to become a filmmaker?
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