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  1. Documentary in Motion

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    In this tutorial series, we’re looking at ways to add creative motion to a documentary video, with a specific eye for practical and portable solutions that don’t infringe on your ability to tell a good story.
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  2. How to Shoot Video With a Gimbal

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    Brushless gimbals have ushered somewhat of a revolution for video producers, from the hobbyist to the professional camera operator. A video camera on a gimbal has enabled us to achieve smooth, floating-like camera movement on all kinds of shoots, including features, commercials, documentaries, weddings, and even home movies.
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  3. Cinematic Shot Choices

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    In filmmaking, framing refers to how you choose to compose a shot for a specific scene. Framing allows you to emphasize or show emotions, thoughts, sensations and ideas. It is the ingredient that adds weight and feeling to the moment; the essential expressive tool in filmmaking. In this Learning Guide, you'll learn about the eight key ways to frame your shots and how to use them.
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  4. Event Photography

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    The title of ‘Event Photographer' might not sound particularly glamourous or exciting, but the role has far more to offer than simply shooting people holding awkward poses. Each event holds different challenges, so you need to think on your feet, and each client requires a different set of shots. In this Learning Guide you'll get a deeper look at event photography.
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