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Photo & Video Learning Guides

Learn the photography and video skills you need with these specially curated learning guides to help you master everything from video editing to creating masterful photo effects.

Each learning guide consists of an overview of the subject along with a hand-picked selection of links to relevant tutorials and courses to help you master a particular subject. In Learn Photoshop Actions, for example, you'll discover what Photoshop actions are and how to install and use them. Then you'll get links to free tutorials and premium video courses to help you learn more. With so much to discover, your only problem is deciding what to learn first.

  1. Travel Photography

    9 Posts
    The prospect of travelling with heavy and valuable photography equipment can be daunting, but the rewards of photographing while you travel are just too much to resist. In this series we explore how to travel smartly and safely, and how to get the most when you're on the road, whether it's for work or for play.
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  2. Night Photography

    14 Posts
    A night photograph as any image taken between dusk and dawn, when the sun is completely below the horizon line. In this series we explore some of the most popular night photography themes, including: cityscapes, astrophotography, fireworks and lightning. We also look at how night photographers look the world from a slightly different point of view, provide some great night-photography examples, and go through the techniques you need to make stunning night photos of your own.
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  3. Creating Realistic Composites With a Green Screen

    5 Posts
    From the incredible imaginations of sci-fi movie directors to the impactful stills of photographers like Joel Grimes, composite imaging is used for making the impossible look plausible. In most implementations, it has a look, a captivating, ethereally futuristic, effortlessly cool look. Most of this is down to the use of HDR backgrounds and atmospheric effects. But what about capturing the image to begin with? For that, we need two (or more) plates.
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  4. How to Shoot Perfect Portraits

    11 Posts
    After assembling a huge quantity of knowledge from all corners of the globe, we present to you a complete and in-depth look at photographic portraiture. You can search far and wide and not find a resource this extensive or fun. Learn everything about portraiture you ever wanted to know, right here.
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  5. Lenses

    19 Posts
    This Learning Guide focuses (pun definitely intended!) on everything you need to know about the light gathering part of your camera. We’re bringing together a series of tutorials that feature both quick tips and in-depth guides that will allow you to truly understand lenses.
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  6. Photojournalism

    7 Posts
    This series focuses exclusively on teaching you everything you need to know about documenting the human experience with your camera. We’re bringing together a series of tutorials that feature both quick tips and in-depth guides that will allow you to truly understand photojournalism!
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