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1.3 Conclusion

Thanks for taking the Affinity Photo Personas Coffee Break Course! Let's recap what you've learned and take a quick look at what's coming up next in our "Make the Switch to Affinity Photo" series.

1.3 Conclusion

[SOUND] Thanks very much for taking the Affinity Photo Personas Coffee Break course. In our 12 minutes, we covered what personas are, how you can switch between them. We went through what the photo persona does for photo editing and creating raster-based art. We went through the liquify persona and how you can use it on pixel-based layers. We talked about the develop persona, which you can use for raw photo processing, and we also went through the export persona. Now, these personas are just a foundation of what you can do with Affinity Photo. And likewise, this first Coffee Break course has been a foundation for the rest of the series that we'll be moving through. And we're gonna bring you a series of Coffee Break courses, just like this one, that will take you through all the essentials that you need to switch from the software that you've used in the past over to Affinity Photo. In the next Coffee Break course, we're gonna take a closer look at some of Affinity Photo's tools. In particular, we're gonna be looking at something really awesome that Affinity Photo has, which is live filter layers. So when you've been working with filters in other applications you probably have had the experience of once you commit a filter that's it, you've changed your pixel-based layout permanently and there's no going back. But Affinity Photo allows you to make live changes using filters that are non-destructive and later preview all of your changes as you go along. Alongside live filters, we're also gonna be taking it look at the in painting tool. Which is kind of a mind blowing tool for creating corrections in your images that's probably gonna make you think that the software is performing some kind of sorcery. It makes it possible for you to completely remove elements of a photo, leaving little to no trace that they were ever there. And that is just perfect for photo manipulation and for removing annoying little artifacts or elements that you didn't expect to have come into your shot. So I look forward to joining you in the next of our Making the Switch to Affinity Photo Coffee Break Courses. I'll see you there.

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