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Affinity Photo Quick Tips


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Affinity Photo has a lot of really cool little features that you might not spot right away. In this course, we'll take you through four top-notch tips that will save you time and smooth your workflow, and we'll do it all inside a single coffee break!

1. Affinity Photo Quick Tips

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Welcome to Affinity Photo quick tips. This is part of our Coffee Break Course series on making the switch to Affinity Photo. This Coffee Break Course we're gonna go through four quick tips that you can use to help you move through Affinity Photo. And these are things that you might not see the first time that you open up the application. And they're gonna help to smooth out your workflows. We're gonna cover all four of these tips in a space of a single coffee break. So just settle back for a few minutes and we'll run through these four Affinity Photo quick tips with you. I'll see you there.