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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to From Pixel-Perfect to Print Ready in Photoshop! In this lesson we cover what you are going to learn, including how to get the most from this course.

1.1 Introduction

Hi everybody, and welcome to the course, From Pixel Perfect to Print Ready in Photoshop. I'm so glad you're here, because in this course you will learn step by step how to prepare your monitor, photo, and settings in Photoshop in order to get the most accurate colors possible, when it's time to go to print. My name Shemaria, and I'm an artist and photographer with a passion for creativity and productivity. This course is for intermediate level photographers who want to learn how to effectively and accurately print their photos using Photoshop. This course will best benefit those who've already taken my previous course here on Tuts+, From Raw Capture to the Pixel Perfect Photograph. For many photographers, printing their own work can be a somewhat mysterious process, and also a bit of a headache. When it comes to getting the colors and clarity on the printed page to closely match what they see on their monitor. Whether you're using your own inkjet printer at home or if you're sending your work off to an online printer, or even if you're preparing your work to be used in a large offset printing job, this course will teach you what to look out for. You will learn what adjustments you need to make to your image, how to save your image, and what print settings you'll need in Photoshop. So here's a quick outline of what we'll be covering in this course. First, we'll talk about the specific type of printing we'll be doing. Than we'll prepare to view our image and also discuss our surroundings, monitor calibration, and make some minor adjustments to our photo. We will be working extensively with an image from my previous course, From Raw Capture to the Pixel Perfect Photograph. From there, we'll continue prepping our file for print and dive into bit depth, resolution, image flattening, output sharpening, and saving our file for print. After that, we'll explore the print settings within Photoshop CC. Finally, we'll tie everything we've learned together and quickly run two more images through the process.

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