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4.6 Value Added

In this lesson you will see how to give your client added value by quickly setting up a few different lighting looks. You will see how to use the light meter to dial in the strobes and your camera!

4.6 Value Added

So now that we have the shot as close as we're gonna get to the example illustration, we can go a little bit further for our clients and give them a little value added. In this lesson, we're gonna move some lights around and give our shoes here one or two more really quick looks. So really quickly, we could create a few more looks by just shutting off a few of these lights and adjusting the exposure. And right now, I'm only going to use this side light here. But I do have to remeter for the exposure. It's giving me F2.5. So I want to pump this guy up. Go back to full output. It may not be enough to expose the shot properly. It's giving me F8. I'm at F9 on my camera. Just make a little, small adjustment here. And then I'll take a shot just like this. We can also do something where we're adding maybe just a tiny bit of fill so I'll take this light right here and I'll just turn it down all the way. And that's maybe a little bit of a variation of the lighting ratios. A much stronger highlight here, and much less fill. But what if we want just a shot with this big light right here? Pretty easy to do. Let me come over here and I'm gonna turn off my speed light. Let's do one shot just with this light right here. We're gonna have to turn this back up. All right, that says F8, let's give that a try. Very cool. That's a great look right there just with this big light. But we could come up with another variation here pretty easily. So, I'm gonna take this guy, and I'm gonna lower this down a little bit. And raise it up here. And then, bring it down. So essentially this is going to come from right smack dab above. And in fact, I'm just gonna rotate out this light here. And push this guy directly overhead. I happen to like this lighting look. I think it's really cool. Usually I do this with a big soft box. But I think it'll work really well with this umbrella. I think I can bring that out just a hair more. Let me take a quick meter reading. It says F10. So, I'm gonna dial that into the camera and take a shot. I think that's a nice lighting look. One thing I might do is rotate this out so it's a little bit more in front. Let me pull this back just a hair so that's a little more centered up. All right, that should not change the metering too much, but I will remeter here. Still an F10. So we'll take one more shot and check that out. Now also, I like the way the soft box looks for these overhead kind of shots too, so I might give it a shot with the soft box here. This hopefully should keep a little bit of that light off the background. So let me try this. I'm gonna take a quick meter reading. That says F13. Okay, so let me dial this down. There we go, F10. Let's try this. This is very similar to what the umbrella gave me in terms of what's happening with this overhead light, but because it's contained in the soft box here, it's not throwing as much light on the background, so the background is actually falling off pretty much into full black there. It's pretty close. It does look a little bit bright, though, so let me just take one more quick meter reading here. I'm gonna cheat this up towards a soft box just a little bit. Yeah, it says F14, so I'm gonna pop this guy down even more down to one quarter power. Try that. That says F9. Give this a shot, and maybe one more since I have this right here. Let's do one of these. Basically get this guy sat right down on the flooring here. I think this Would look cool just like this, let me take another meter reading here. F7.1, so I'm gonna pop this guy up to half power. That should be somewhere in the neighborhood of F10, I would think. There we go, F10. Let's try this. So it might be cool because that's super contrast these really quickly. Just bring in this light from the other side. One more quick meter, F13. Maybe turn this down just a smidge. See what this says right here. It says F13, but I'm just gonna to give it a try. I think I was getting a lot of pop here on the meter reading from my 20 inch soft box. So if I kind of cheat this over here. And I'm getting F9 right here. So what I'd probably do is turn this guy down, maybe to quarter power. Re-meter this, and now it says F9, so just dial an F9 here. Again, I could also just turn off the strobe power. We'll just give it a shot and see what happens. And now we have another great looking light look with some different highlights here. For one more final touch, put my background light in here. Right here. There we go. Fantastic. We could just take the camera off here and go handheld. Maybe do something like this. [SOUND] So now we have the shot that they were looking for and we have a few variations that they might like as well. Make sure you check out the last lesson in this course, where you're gonna learn some final tips and tricks.

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