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3.5 Keyword to Success

The last lesson in this section is all about using keywords, which might be the most important bit of metadata that we cover in this course. Keywords or text we add to an image to describe what's in them. So let's start by adding our first keyword here in the library module, I'll double click on an image to get started. Now on the right side there's a keywords box right here. Let's add our first keyword. I'll type something that describes this photo, and then press enter. And now, it's been added to the image. To continue from our filtering lesson, If we show the filter bar with the backslash key, once I navigate to the metadata tab you'll notice that one of the options to filter from the dropdown is Keyword. So when I click it it'll show us the keywords that are available from the selection of images we have. Now once a click on beach for example it'll filter back to that image that we just added the keyword beach to. Now this is where the power of key wording I hope is really obvious to you. All you have to do is get them added to your images and then you can find an image based on his description at a moment's notice. Let's look at another way to filter images. I'm gonna go ahead and switch back to all to unfilter, and then hide the filtering options by pressing the Backslash key again. Let's choose all images in my library to look at another way to filter images by keyword. As I scroll down to the right you'll see this keyword list here that includes all of the keywords that I've added to my images. Wedding is a popular one in this test catalog and a filter for all of the images that have the wedding keyword. I can also click-on this little arrow that's to the right of a keyword name. Now it shows all images that match the wedding keyword last thing. Let's jump back to all photos and look at a way that we can add a keyword to multiple images at the same time. I'll jump to my 2015 collection and then choose a few images from a beach walk I did over the summer. Now all of these are from the same walk in the same location. So I'll want to add the same keyword to them. If I scroll back up to the keyword inbox I can add a comma after the Beach keyword and then type the city where I photographed the images. Now once I press enter that keywords been added to all images. You might be wondering why Beach has this little asterisk after it. And that's because we have multiple images selected at the same time, but beach is only added to one of the images. If we wanted to add it to all of the images in our selection I could just backspace over the asterisk and then press enter, and now it's added to all of the images. So if I switch to this image for example you'll see that beach And new poor are on that image with just that single image selected. Last up, let's also note that we can add multiple keywords at the same time. Let's go ahead and select another image by pressing command and clicking on that image as well or you could hold Control and do the same thing on Windows In the keywording box. I can type my first keyword, such as Nature, then add a comma, and then add River, and both of those keywords are added to the image. So really, images can contain an unlimited number of keywords that we add to them. Just keep adding them, and separate them with commas as you go. Separating your keywords with commas and adding several at the same time, is a quick way to add several keywords. Keywording is certainly a time investment but with tips like these we can speed up the process. I think keywords are maybe the most important part of organizing your images and you've seen the power already. We added them to our images pretty quickly and even to multiple images at the same time and then we learned how to filter them. Keywords help us find just the subject, place or time we're looking for. Although it only took a couple minutes to get started it'll definitely take you time to add keywords to your collection. Just work on it a bit at a time and in no time your image library will be nicely keyworded.

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