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6.1 Conclusion

Congratulations! You’re now ready to start recording and sharing your travels. Good luck and bon voyage!

6.1 Conclusion

Welcome back I'm Cindy Burgess for Tuts+. Congratulations you're now ready to capture quality video on your next trip. You've learned about the pros and cons of different kinds of video cameras, and some of the tools and accessories you might want to bring along. You've learned how to compose your shots and capture good audio. You've learned a couple of ways to structure your travel videos, and where to find elements to dress them up. And you've learned how to protect your gear and yourself while you're on the road. And be mindful of foreign cultures and customs while recording video. My last bit of advice is to remember to get out from behind the lens and enjoy the moment. Don't spend your entire trip looking into a viewfinder. Those moments are special and well it's nice to be able to watch them later. You want to experience them as they're happening too, don't forget to live in the moment. For all of us here at Tuts+, I'm Cindy Burgess, good luck and happy travels.

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