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Free Preview: Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Collections


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Photo albums have always been a powerful storytelling tool. The creator of the album would carefully curate the photos for an album, placing them in a sequence to tell a story. The digital equivalent of an album in Adobe Lightroom is a collection. In this short course, you'll learn the power of using Lightroom collections to put your images together and in just the order you like.

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1. Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Collections

1.1 Intro

[MUSIC] When we're presenting our images it's all about telling the story of what we've captured. In a Lightroom catalog of thousands of image it can be difficult to put images together in a way that tells the story we want. That's why we can use Lightroom's Collections feature to do just that. Collections are like virtual folders, or albums, that we can put images in at our discretion. And one of the best features of collections is that we can custom sequence images in whatever where we want. That way our viewer will experience the images in the same order that we want them to. I'm Andrew Childress, and in this Coffee Break Course series I'm gonna teach you how to become a master of collections in Lightroom. It's a much more powerful feature than you might think, and I'm really excited to teach it.