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1.1 Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Power Filtering

As your image library scales, you'll need tools to find the images you need. Metadata filtering is the perfect solution! In Adobe Lightroom, filtering uses the data attached to an image—whether it's the capture date, star rating, or keywords—to find the images we're looking for. In this course, I'll help you master the art of filtering in the space of your coffee break.

1.1 Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Power Filtering

[SOUND] When your image collection has grown in many thousands of images, how can you find the one that you're looking for? Well, you might remember the date that you captured the image or a star rating you gave to it or ideally some keywords you attached to that image. The solution here is to use filtering, a feature built right into Adobe Lightroom. It lets us take advantage of basically any metadata filter. We can give Lightroom a filter that says, only show me the images that are five stars or more and we'll only see the images that match that rule. This course will teach you how to build simple filters like that and much more powerful ones that combine multiple rules. I'm Andrew Childress and in this coffee break course, I'll hope you become a master of filtering in Adobe Lightroom.

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