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Free Preview: Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Smart Collections


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Smart Collections are arguably Adobe Lightroom's most powerful feature. A Smart Collection is a saved, always up-to-date search of your images. Give Lightroom a list of metadata attributes, like flag status, rating, or creation date, and the Smart Collection keeps an always-updated set of matching images. Become a master of Smart Collections on your break with this course.

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1.Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Smart Collections
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Your First Smart Collection

Two Powerful Smart Collections

1. Organize Your Images With Adobe Lightroom: Smart Collections

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[MUSIC] Do you find yourself searching for the same types of images in your Lightroom catalog all the time, like the five star images in your collection or images that were captured in the prior year? Well, the solution is a smart collection which is like a saved always up-to-date search through our images. We can build this smart collection based on metadata rules. From the lens used to capture an image to a date that the image was captured on or even the keywords that are attached to an image. Then that's smart collection will always stay up-to-date with the images that meet our rules. Smart collections take basic filtering to the next level by being dynamic. I'm Andrew Childress and in this Coffee Break course series, I'll help you become a master of smart collections, one of Lightroom's most powerful features.