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1.2 Adding Star Ratings to Images

In this lesson you’ll learn several methods for how to add star ratings to your images in Adobe Lightroom.

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Adding Star Ratings to Images

Using Stars for Your Workflow

1.2 Adding Star Ratings to Images

[SOUND] Let's jump right into adding star ratings to an image. I wanna show you several different ways that you can do it. Let's make sure that we're working in the Library module in Adobe Lightroom. Right now, I'm in grid view and could see a bunch of images all at once. By default all images have no star rating or basically zero stars. To add your first star rating just make sure that you have an image selected as I do here. And press the number of stars on the keyboard that we wanna add to an image. We can add between one in five stars. When I press 3 on my keyboard for example, you'll see that we get a message that says, Set Rating to 3. When that happens, you'll see now that the image has three stars on the thumbnail and grid view, and also on the filmstrip at the bottom of Lightroom. We can always remove a star rating altogether by pressing 0 on our keyboard. Basically, any view in the library module let's us use the keyboard shortcuts to add the number of stars we want to our images. If you can't see the star ratings on the film strip at the bottom of light room, it probably means that your film strip is too small to see the star ratings. You can actually place your mouse cursor just above the film strip until it turns into a double arrow to resize your film strip. Now if it's very small you'll see here that the star ratings disappear. So if you can't see that, just grab this and bring it up a bit so that you can see the star ratings in great detail. Now if your stars aren't visible in the center area like mine are, you've probably turned an option off at some point. To turn the star view back on let's go to View > Grid View Style near the bottom and make sure that Show Extras is checked. Once I click it to turn it off, you'll see that the star display disappears. This option toggles off and on the ability to view a lot of extra data about your images like the star rating, slags and filename. I'll turn my back on with the Mac keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+H. The Windows keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+H. While we're still talking about keyboard shortcuts, let's talk about one of my favorite methods for adding star ratings. Let's double-click on a single image to go into what Lightroom calls loop view or basically single image view. We can add star ratings from here as well and I'll press the number 4 on my keyboard to add it to the image. The star rating will show on the thumbnail on the film strip. But let's say that we also want to view it on top of the full image in loop view. We can turn on the toolbar to see a bit more. Press the letter T on our keyboard to turn the toolbar view on. You'll see below the image the number of stars that are attached to it. When you're working in loop view, one of my favorite tricks is to turn on auto advance and work through starring images quickly. Let's go to Photo and choose Auto Advance to turn this handy feature on. Now if I move on to another image and press the keyboard shortcut to add three stars to an image. You'll notice that Lightroom automatically pushes me on to the next image. In this way, we can work through staring our images really quickly. Just keep your fingers on the one through five keys and then you can add the number of stars and move on to the next image automatically. When you're finished using the Auto Advanced feature, just go back to the Photo menu, and click on it again to turn it off. If you're not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can add stars to an image by clicking on the number of stars to add for loop view using this same toolbar. For example, I could press five right here and it'll be added to the image. When we return to grid view we can do something really similar. To do that, we'll need to make the star ratings visible from grid view as well. From this toolbar, I'll just go ahead and choose Rating from the dropdown. And you'll see here now that we have the option to add stars from grid view as well. I can select another image and then click four stars right here to add it to that image. So as always there's a variety of ways to do this in Lightroom. If we wanna skip all of these methods, you can actually go up to the Photo menu and choose Set Rating, and just choose the number of stars that you wanna add to an image. You'll also notice a handy keyboard shortcut here for decreasing and increasing the rating. When I have an image like this selected and it has four stars on it right now. I can just hit the left or right brackets to increase and decrease the rating. Use this when you've changed your mind about an image and wanna increase or decrease the number of stars attached to it. So this lesson covered the mechanics of how to add stars to your images. And no matter which view that you're working in there are a lot of ways to do this. I'd highly recommend the keyboard shortcuts for maximum efficiency. In the next lesson, we'll look at how all of this can be really useful to you as a photographer.

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