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3.3 Calibrate the Color

In this lesson you will learn how to use a ColorChecker to calibrate your scene for perfect color!

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3.3 Calibrate the Color

In this lesson we're gonna look at using a color collaboration tool to make sure that your camera, your lens and your lights are working together in harmony to produce some great looking color. So how do you know that the photos you are shooting look right? How do you know that the colors look right? Well for one, it would help to have a monitor that's calibrated. But even if your monitor is calibrated, how do you know that the thing that you shot, like for example the red apple that you took a picture of, is the same red that it is in real life, or that it's supposed to be? With a device like this, you don't have to wonder. Because inside here, if we open this up, there are these color swatches, these little patches of color. And these patches of color are a known quantity, so the makers of this knows what the colors of these patches are. They're very, very precise. In fact, you're not supposed to have this thing open for longer than you need it because under light these things will fade over time. So, we have a known quantity of color samples here. And with the software that comes with this, we can take a photo of this and it will calibrate the colors for the lights, the lens, and the camera. Because believe it or not, with the same camera and the same lights, if I were to swap out lenses, it's very likely that the colors would look different. The contrast would look different too. So, how do we compensate for all that? You can use this, and it's very, very simple to do. So, with my rig all set up here, I have tethered capture all set up on my laptop, USB camera's on. I have my exposure set. If I set this guy down on my rig and I just kind of position it here. I need it large enough so that I can get this big enough so that the software can see, and this is gonna be fine. Just need to make sure that this is in focus, so I'm gonna set this to live view. It doesn't even really have to be in focus all that well, but I like it to be in focus. And then once the vibrations have stopped here, over on my laptop I can do a capture, and I no longer have this in timer mode. [SOUND] So I've just on a capture here. Now the image will come over here to my computer. And then once I have this image captured, it's very, very easy from here to calibrate the color. So, let me jump on to my laptop, and I'll show you exactly how to do that.

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