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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to The Instructional Video course! A high quality, multi-camera instructional video is within your power. In this video you'll see what you will learn in this course.

1.1 Introduction

As companies work to build brand loyalty, product awareness, and cut down on support calls, instructional videos are becoming very popular. Instructional videos can cover a lot of small details that get lost in printed instructions. And with the right personality, instructional videos can become entertainment. Hi, my name is Dave Bode for Tuts Plus, and in this course, you will learn how to put together a high quality, multi-camera instructional video on baking cookies. A baking instructional video covers a lot of live presentation variables and you will see how to deal with all of them on the fly. In the pre-production process, you will learn how to plan for your project, how to secure talent for your video, and you'll learn about the importance of using a script. You're also going to learn how to put together a basic plan for your lighting, and your camera setup, and we're gonna go over what kind of audio systems you need to use to mic your talent. You're also going to see a live demo of an instructional video being shot with behind the scenes cameras, so that you can see the interactions between the director, the talent, and the other crew. This will give you a lot of insight into how to coach your talent to get the best performance possible, how to deal with any problems as they come up, how to direct your second shooter to get the camera angles that you're looking for, and more. You're going to learn a ton in this course and hopefully have some fun along the way. Make sure you check out the next lesson where you're going to learn how to get things started right by creating a plan for your project.

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