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4.3 The Conclusion

In this lesson you will learn how to wrap up the instructional video by getting a solid, upbeat concluding performance from your talent.

4.3 The Conclusion

In this lesson, you're gonna see how the rest of this instructional video came together. You're gonna see how we tackle mixing in the wet ingredients, bringing the batter together, scooping the cookies out on cookie sheets, how we setup the B roll shots for getting the cookies in and out of the oven, and how we capture a nice conclusion statement for this instructional video. So just like all the other sections, we've worked out exactly how Cheryl is going to bring together these wet ingredients to make sure that Andrew can cover everything that he needs to get. Because at this point, we don't really have time to be able to set up these shots again. So we pretty much have to get it right on the first try. Action. >> Now that I've melted the butter, let's assemble the wet ingredients. We're gonna pour our melted butter in a new bowl. [SOUND] I like to scrape it with a spoon just to make sure all that butter is out cuz that's the good stuff. [SOUND] To this we're going to add the one cup of packed brown sugar. And packed just means pushing it in hard so it's as flat as it could be when you're measuring it out. [SOUND] [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] >> Which way? >> It's fine. >> Okay. >> Just keep going with the next thing. >> Okay. >> Yeah. Let me focus on the sugar, and maybe it will start from this cut. I'm rolling. Yep, action. >> Next we'll take the white sugar, half a cup, and pour that in as well. [SOUND] We want to get these nice and mixed, and I'll show you just what it should look like after I stir it. [SOUND] [SOUND] Should look like this. >> Can you aim that toward me? >> Mm-hm. >> Looks like baby food. >> Tilt it toward me, and then spoon up a little bit so that I can see it. Tilt it toward me, and then just spoon a little and let it fall back in. So you're grabbing the egg, cracking one egg in there. >> Cracking one right in here, and then taking the other one. >> Then you're separating the other one into that bowl. >> Putting the white into this and the yolk into this bowl. >> Gotcha. Okay. Okay, so you're gonna do eggs. One egg, one egg yolk. >> Vanilla. >> And vanilla, and then you're gonna mix it up. >> Yep. And then show what the dough should look like. >> Yep. All right. >> Do you see anything in here? >> Nope. >> Okay. >> Do we need salt? >> No. We don't need any of it. [NOISE] >> You don't have to worry about it. It's fine. All right, cool. I'm rolling. >> Yeah, me too. >> Okay. Whenever you're ready let's egg this puppy up. >> All right. Now it's time to beat in the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla until you get a nice creamy and fluffy texture. [SOUND] I'm gonna carefully separate the egg [SOUND] by breaking it in half [SOUND] and then letting the white fall out as I keep going back and forth. That looks pretty good to me, so now I'm gonna dump the yolk in. [SOUND] We're gonna measure the vanilla. >> Wait. Can you throw your napkin away? >> Yeah, sure. >> [LAUGH] >> I wasn't sure if I should walk away or not, so I was like! >> No, it's fine. >> Okay. >> And action with the vanilla. >> We're gonna measure one tablespoon of vanilla. Usually recipes call for a teaspoon, but you'll get a really great flavor by using triple that in a tablespoon for this recipe. Now we'll mix it up until we get that nice light, creamy, and fluffy texture I was talking about. [SOUND] >> Great, you started stirring long before- >> Before I finished, sorry. >> Yeah, finish saying it, and then we'll get- >> Sure. Now we're gonna mix it up to get that nice light, creamy, and fluffy texture I was talking about. [SOUND] And when you are finished, it should look like this. >> Good. Can you do that, and then just hold it for like three seconds? >> Sure. >> Good. Okay, so you know what we're doing here? >> You're mixing it into the clear bowl. >> Yeah. Do you prefer the other? Cuz- >> No. I prefer that so I can see what's going on in it. >> In three batches, right? >> Mm-hm. >> Okay, let's give it a try. >> Okay. And then do you want me to stop before I add the chocolate chips in? >> Yeah, we'll just pause and make sure that we have it locked down. Yeah. >> Okay. >> And, action. >> Once everything looks integrated thoroughly, we'll add the dry ingredients in. I like to separate this into three batches and then mix it in a little bit each time. Now it's time for everyone's favorite part, the chocolate chips. We're gonna pour all two cups right into here and give it a good stir. Now I have in front of you as well, check this out. We've got M&Ms, white chocolate chips, walnuts, caramels. Don't limit yourself to anything. You could crush up Oreo cookies and add that in. You could do mini marshmallows for s'more cookies. The possibilities are endless. Now we're gonna scoop our cookies onto cookie sheets. And the way that we're gonna do that is we're gonna prepare the sheets first. That means either laying out parchment paper on each sheet, taking good old cooking spray and giving it a light spray even if it's non-stick cookie sheets, or if you're in a pinch, you can take some butter on your fingers and just smear it along the bottom of the sheet to make sure the cookies don't stick for you. The special thing about this, because we are making large cookies, is we're gonna use, instead of a tablespoon or a teaspoon scoop, a quarter cup measuring cup because we're not kidding around here. >> Wait, you didn't spray your pans. >> Oh, gosh. Thank you. Oh, my goodness. [LAUGH] How shall I fix that? What's the best course of action to take? >> Just, you know, he'll get it in a cut away. So, just kinda lean over a little bit, and do it over there. >> Over here? >> Yeah, and that way he'll be in the clear of that bowl. >> Okay. >> Right? >> I'm sorry about that. >> Yeah, and then we can use the audio of you talking about it. Which one are you spraying first, the one on the right? Okay. >> I was gonna do this one, if that's. Okay. >> Yeah. All right, go ahead. [SOUND] There we go. So, pretend you just scooped that. Kinda bring it down, yeah, there you go. And then bring it back up, and then go from there. >> Okay. >> There you go. >> All right. Here we go. You wanna leave plenty of space on the pan in between these because since they are larger cookies, they're gonna spread out more than your regular cookie will. Now we're gonna put them in the oven. They can take anywhere from 15 to 20, depending on how full your quarter cup scoop was. >> [SOUND] Hang on, wait. >> 15 to 20 what? >> Minutes. >> Units. >> Sorry, I'll start again. >> Don't touch the pans while you're talking. >> Yeah. Because I can feel them sliding. >> Okay. Let me just rinse this part first. >> Okay, no problem. >> It's time to pop these in the oven that we already preheated, and they're gonna bake anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. I like to put one tray on each level and then switch them halfway through the baking. So right now I'm not even saying anything, I'm just popping them right in, right? >> Yeah. >> Okay, great. I just wanted to make sure the racks are at good. Do you mind if I move the level of the racks in there? >> No, go ahead. >> Okay, do you have a? >> Right in here. Yeah, can you open that puppy up for me? >> So he can see what the motion is as you're. Cool, that's great. >> Now close it again? >> Yep, okay, great. Let's do it. >> Okay. >> And, action. [SOUND] All right, shut the door. [SOUND] Do you need a plate to put this on? [SOUND] Let's do this batch over here first. >> Okay. [SOUND] Okay, here we go. And, action. >> I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> If you do hand motions, keep them up here so they don't make noise. >> Yep. >> All right, and action. >> I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> Good. Maybe give just a tiny little break after, thanks for watching. And good luck with your cookies. And, action. >> I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> Make it sound like three statements. >> Okay. >> The first one's, I hope you enjoy blah, blah, blah. Thanks for watching. So just a tiny break after the first sentence. And then I think it's good. >> Okay. >> And, action. >> I hope you enjoyed these cookies as much my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> Oh, I like that. >> Yeah? >> Do you wanna get one with her walking in with the plate and setting them down? >> Sure. >> Just for the heck of it. So look, just step back, take the cookies, don't turn around. Take three steps back, and you're gonna come in and do that same thing. >> And then start with talking, I hope you enjoy? >> Yeah, after you set the plate down. And, action. >> I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> Can we do that one more time. Could you get a drink of water? >> Yes. >> I'm just hearing a little funny noise. >> Sure. >> A clicking noise. And, action. >> [SOUND] I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your cookies. >> Good, I liked that. >> For many in the US, the standard chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found on the back of a Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip package. But for these large cookies, we will be making a few changes. I will also show you a few flavor variations if you wanna jazz them up and make them even more special. >> Cut. >> Okay? >> Okay. I'm focused mostly on the numbers. All right. Hit the button, open the door, then move the butter out of [INAUDIBLE]. >> Sure, yep. >> I'm still rolling, go ahead. [SOUND] Hold on. Okay, all right, go ahead. [SOUND] >> I hope you enjoyed watching this condensed, edited version of this instructional video. In the last video in this course, you will learn some final tips and tricks for making all of your instructional videos a success.

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