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1.1 Introduction

Thanks for checking out Time Lapse Video for Photographers! This course gives you everything you need to make stunning, professional-quality time lapse video. This first lesson is a taste of what you'll learn in this course and the kind of video you will be able to make by the end.

1.1 Introduction

Hello my name is Kevin Gator and welcome to this course in time lapse photography. I'm a Brit based in Sweden with a history in video and photography. Time lapse photography is where these two worlds combine. This course is for photographers wanting to learn more about video production as well as videographers facing the challenges of learning a DSLR camera. I stumbled into photography coming from the world of video and I remember how daunting everything was at first. I'm gonna share with you what I learned so we can focus on the important things to know and understand. I'm going to take you along with me on a time lapse shoot and walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Together we'll look at selecting the right gear, such as filters and interferometer. We'll also go over the camera settings and how best to use ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Well review some useful smart apps and head out on location before a shoot to scout for the best shots. Once we're set, we're going to try some different time lapse scenarios and examine the common challenges that you're likely to face. Finally, we'll spend a fair amount of time in post production, looking at the best possible practices to turn your image sequences into professional looking video. We'll explore the advantages of using a raw work flow, discover how to rescue shaky footage, and how to add some animated camera movements. Then we're gonna cut it all together in a video editor. After the course you should be more than ready to produce stuff like this or like this or like this. Now you have a good idea of what we're going to do on this course, let's dive straight in and begin examining what goes into making a great looking time lapse.

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