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3.4 Preparation

We're almost ready to start shooting. Let's give our equipment a quick once-over before we do. First, let's check the lenses to ensure they're free of any dust and dirt. Use a brush and a blower to make sure they're thoroughly clean. Tilt the lens to make sure dust falls out of the camera, not inside the camera. Use a microfiber cloth, carefully starting from the middle of the lens, working your way outwards in a circular motion. Do the same for any of your filters. For stubborn dirt, you might want to use an alcohol solution. Avoid any household cleaners that could damage your lens. You can always take a test shot and zoom in to see if you've missed a spot. Let's make sure there's a memory card inside of the camera. Check first the card is empty. Be sure to remove any remaining images. Let's bring a spare battery. You can always use the case to show the battery is full by placing it strategically over the backface. Before I grab my tripod bag, I'm gonna make sure I remember to place the tripod plate back where it belongs. I'll check my phone to make sure the batteries are charged, and while I'm at it, I might as well check the weather. Let's not forget to check our intervalometer, be sure it's functioning, and don't forget to bring along some spare batteries. Now all our gear's in check, we're one step away from shooting our first time lapse together. Let's review the camera settings to get an idea of what we need to know before we shoot.

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