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1.1 Welcome to Tuts+ Wedding Photography for Beginners

In the introduction to Tuts+ Wedding Photography for Beginners, I’ll explain the importance of soft skills and how the course is organised.

1.1 Welcome to Tuts+ Wedding Photography for Beginners

Hi and welcome to tuts+. I'm Marie Gardner and on this course I'll be teaching you the core skills needed to become a wedding photographer. We're gonna focus on practicalities and concentrate a lot on soft skills. What I mean by that are things like the relationship you have with your client and how you take control at a wedding without managing to annoy anyone. Having somebody trust you to shoot their wedding is a big deal and there's a lot to think about when preparing to take this on. Everything from insurance considerations, to what you'll actually offer as a finished product. I'll take you through these steps and hopefully help you become a confident, well-prepared wedding photographer. To keep things simple, I'm gonna break the course up into three stages. Pre-wedding, where we'll cover basics like paperwork, contracts, etc. Kit, including your backup and what it is you'll actually be offering. We'll talk about your client and the all-important relationship you'll have with them. And of course, the preparation that you'll need to do before the big day. The second section will be the wedding itself. So we'll go through essential shots. Taking charge of the day, moving people around, and how to stay calm in a crisis. The final section will be post-wedding, and focus on your images. How to choose the images that you're gonna use. Develop a consistent style, and what you can do to give a little extra. So, on to pre-wedding and our next lesson is gonna making sure that you've got the right paperwork in place to cover you and your clients.

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