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7.1 Conclusion

Thanks for watching this course. In this last video we will review what we have learned and go over some final tips!

7.1 Conclusion

Thanks very much for watching this course. As we have seen throughout this course, there is a tremendous variety of lenses available to you that offer a wide range of possibilities. I usually recommend getting the very best glass that you can, because it will last longer. And have better resale value if you ever decide to upgrade in a few years. Some higher end Canon and Nikon lenses that originally cost $2000 sell for only a few hundred dollars less than they cost new. If you hold on to the lens for, lets say, four years, that's only a few dollars per month. Another fantastic option for you is renting lenses. If you're doing a special shoot or covering an event, instead of buying a lens for a few thousand bucks you can rent it for a few days and only pay one or two hundred dollars. If you do this a lot it might make sense for you to just buy the lens. But if it's only once or twice per year. Rent it. I also like to recommend that you take care of your gear as best as you can. Good cases for lenses is a must. Professional lenses can take a reasonable amount of abuse. But remember there's a lot of delicate glass in there. I like Pelican cases for maximum protection but if you're traveling light that's not gonna work. Whatever you choose make sure that it's well padded and sturdy, and it wouldn't hurt to have a rain cover built in or a plan for keeping your gear dry at the very least. Remember longer focal lengths make people look better and you can use longer focal length to compose your shots outside as well. Wide-angle lenses have exaggerated perspectives. This can work to your advantage and it can work against you. Zooms offer the most flexibility and are a lot of fun to use. Super zooms are a nice tool to have but, image quality is not that great. If you're needing a little bit more speed from a lens, check out a prime lens. There are some great options out there for fast primes that can be a lot of fun to use. I hope that you learned some valuable lessons in this course that will help you take better photos. Make sure to check out all the other great photography courses on Touch Plus to expand your skills and stay sharp. Again my name is Dave Body for Touch Plus and we'll see you around. Thanks for watching.

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