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  1. Documentary in motion timelapse thumb

    Documentary in Motion

    2 Posts
    In this tutorial series, we’re looking at ways to add creative motion to a documentary video, with a specific eye for practical and portable solutions that don’t infringe on your ability to tell a good story.
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  2. Home video studio

    How to Build a Home Video Studio

    2 Posts
    Every studio starts with an empty room, and that's where we start with this series. Along the way, we'll talk through all the decisions that go into building a do-it-yourself video setup. In this series, you'll learn how to plan your home video studio so that, eventually, you are ready to record a video any time you want without any fuss.
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  3. How to use a gimbal what you need thumb

    How to Shoot Video With a Gimbal

    10 Posts
    Brushless gimbals have ushered somewhat of a revolution for video producers, from the hobbyist to the professional camera operator. A video camera on a gimbal has enabled us to achieve smooth, floating-like camera movement on all kinds of shoots, including features, commercials, documentaries, weddings, and even home movies.
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