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10 Beautiful 2D Style Animation Video Templates for Your Inspiration (After Effects)

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Envato Elements recently added over a thousand Adobe After Effects projects to the all-you-can-download creative library. All of those assets are a way to master After Effects quickly and skip the work of building everything from scratch.

Let's take a look at some of the best 2D style animation templates for Adobe After Effects. All of these are available with a subscription to Elements. With a single subscription to Elements, you have access to more than 600,000 creative assets ranging from stock video footage to photos, to graphics templates. 

Make sure to play the quick previews below to see these projects come to life!

1. Logo Shape Black & White — Logo Animation

It's easy to use your own logo with a project like this: just add your image file into the placeholder and watch it animated. No real animation skills required.

2. Liquid Animation Titles

This package has impressive and realistic liquid animation effects. You could use this project for anything ranging from a splashy logo intro to a simple explainer with text elements. No matter what you use it for, the animations are impressive enough to grab and hold a viewer's attention.

3. Faces Explainer Toolkit — Animation Set

Explainer videos are always a popular choice for, well, explaining things. New businesses or concepts can really benefit from an illustrative video that provides an explanation of what sets them apart. Try out this project to create an explainer with no animation skills required!

4. Lil Shape — 2D Technical Logo Animation

Here's another easy way to animate a logo in two dimensions. Make sure to play the preview below and imagine how it will look with your own logo in the scene!

5. ToonsTool (FX Kit) — Cartoon Animations

ToonsTool is all you need to create an animation that could find its way onto a cartoon channel! The animations can be added easily to an existing project to add just a touch of animation.

6. Geometric Shape — Logo Animation

Want a quick and engaging logo animation? Geometric Logo is right up your alley. This is yet another project that can be used as simply as dropping in your own logo. The shape animations will build your logo from parts.

7. Liquid FX Animation Pack

If you liked the liquid logo pack shown earlier, this project is likely to complement it perfectly. The liquid animations could be added to any other project for a bit of flair. Spice up basic video with liquid animations overlaid.

8. Glitch Shapes Logo — Animated Shapes

The glitch effect has found its way into many modern science fiction and futuristic videos. It has that jumpy unpredictable feel that can really set the stage for your video. Use this project to open your project with a glitchy effect.

9. Flat Corporate People — 2D Animation Toolkit

For a more corporate feel, here's the perfect project that you can use for an explainer video. With easy-to-create character animations, build an explanation with characters in less time than ever before.

10. Black White Shapes — Shape Animation

Rounding out our selection, here's another strong and easy 2D logo animation for Adobe After Effects. Even though it's black-and-white, there's plenty of visual variety to animate your logo.

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