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10 Best Rain Effect Filters for Photoshop (Photos and Animation)

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Adding rain to a photo sounds complicated, but not when you use a Photoshop action instead! Photoshop actions automate all of the steps to apply a look, easy.

The Photoshop rain effects in this round-up are all available from Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service with unlimited access to stock photos, graphics, design templates, and more.

1. Rain Photoshop Action

Here's a bright and eye-catching rain effect Photoshop action. Far from a neutral effect, this rain style is designed to bring focus to a subject while surrounding them with a rainy effect. Mask the subject to highlight them and place them in the midst of a rainy scene.

Rain Photoshop ActionRain Photoshop ActionRain Photoshop Action

2. Rain Photoshop Action

This asset carries the same name as the actions above, but it's a far different look and feel. This is a more neutral rain effect in Photoshop that feels like a natural part of the image.

2 Rain Photoshop Action2 Rain Photoshop Action2 Rain Photoshop Action

3. Rain Animation Photoshop Action

Perfect for action-packed scenes, this action can actually create GIF animations with falling rain around a subject. Save the finished image as either a static or looping GIF with rain falling in the scene.

Rain Animation Photoshop ActionRain Animation Photoshop ActionRain Animation Photoshop Action

4. Wet Glass Photoshop Action

The Wet Glass action simulates the look and feel of a steamy window right after a summer storm. Apply it to a scene to re-create the aftermath of a rainy day. Check out our tutorial, too.

Wet Glass Photoshop ActionWet Glass Photoshop ActionWet Glass Photoshop Action

5. Storm Photoshop Action

A rainy day is one thing, but this action takes a storm to the next level. The lightning and erosion effects create an image that feels like the last storm there might ever be.

Storm Photoshop ActionStorm Photoshop ActionStorm Photoshop Action

6. Rainy Day

Here's another rain effect Photoshop action that puts your subject in the middle of a scene right after a rain. This action is really versatile since it simulates a post-rain look and feel, and works well even with bright scenes.

Rain DayRain DayRain Day

7. Animated Snow Photoshop Action

What is snow, but frozen falling rain? This Photoshop action can add a bit of winter to a scene thanks to its realistic snow recreations. Save the final file as an animated image if you prefer!

Animated Snow Photoshop ActionAnimated Snow Photoshop ActionAnimated Snow Photoshop Action

8. Winter Photoshop Actions

Inside this project, you'll find rain effect Photoshop actions that combine snowy and rainy effects. As the before-and-after look below shows, this action not only adds rain graphics but also gives the image a color tone that just feels like a rainy day.

Winter Photoshop ActionsWinter Photoshop ActionsWinter Photoshop Actions

9. Aesthete Collection

Aesthete Collection is truly diverse mix of visual styles, with over 140 actions. Inside this package are some truly stunning weather effects like misty haze, smoky fog, and subtle rain that really puts you in the midst of the weather.

Aesthet CollectionAesthet CollectionAesthet Collection

10. Fearless 2 Photoshop Actions

Rounding out our selections, Fearless 2 is another rain effect Photoshop action set that adds rain and scenes to an image. Just paint over your subject, apply the action, and you'll see the rainy scene come to life.

Fearless 2 PS ActionsFearless 2 PS ActionsFearless 2 PS Actions

More Photoshop Effects

This round-up of effect from Envato Elements is just one selection of styles that you can apply to your images or graphics. But, there are plenty of other actions for a completely different look and feel for an image:

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