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10 Top After Effects Templates and Elements for USA Elections Coverage

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Tired of having only a few channels to choose from on election night? Maybe it's time to launch your own coverage!

With the help of these Adobe After Effects templates, you can do just that. Use these templates (including some perfect for the midterm elections) to follow all of the excitement, easily. And thanks to Envato Elements, you can download all of them as part of a single subscription.

10 Top After Effects Resources for USA Elections Coverage 

1. Election Night 2020

For the presidential election, this template is a perfect fit. It has all of the graphics you need, like maps that show results and candidate polling percentages. It's perfect to keep your audience up-to-date.

2. Election Essentials 2020

Here's another outstanding After Effects template for election night coverage. Use the split-screen graphics to show multiple feeds at once. There's never a shortage of election activities, so this template is tailor-made to balance your coverage.

3. Broadcast - Political News / Election Mega Pack

For more in-depth news coverage, this template is an outstanding choice. It has all of the assets you need for studio coverage with alpha channel graphics. It's perfect for showing your personalities covering the big election.

4. Debate Night | Political Election Package

Debates are a critical part of the political process. This easy-to-use Adobe After Effects template gives you all of the graphics to narrate a well-moderated debate.

5. Election Map LITE

In American elections, the electoral college is a central part of elections. Your viewers are sure to be watching which state goes to each candidate, so a strong map is a must. Use this template for a lightweight, easy-to-curate electoral map.

6. Election Map PRO

For a more complex and robust electoral map, this is a perfect choice. You can animate and color each and every county on all 50 state maps. This is perfect to record and show results to your audience.

7. 39 Flat USA Election Icons

For simpler election coverage, you might need just a few graphic assets. These flat, animated icons fit the decorum perfectly. Use them for a bit of visual interest in your people-focused election coverage.

8. Patriotic Lower Thirds

Elections are truly about the people involved and impacted by them. That means you're likely to spend time on interviews and people footage. Use these election-themed lower thirds to narrate and annotate the on-screen speaker.

9. Midterm Election Elements | House & Senate

Don't forget the importance of covering midterm elections, too. For elections that take place in the House of Representatives and Senate, this is the perfect After Effects template. 

10. 2022 Midterm Election Map | State Congressional Districts

Here's another outstanding choice for the 2022 midterm elections. It's ideal to show the key midterm elections, illustrated on an electoral map.

Download Unlimited Templates for Adobe After Effects

If you clicked through the After Effects templates in this round-up, you might have noticed that they had one thing in common: they're hosted on Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a creative's best friend, thanks to its all-you-can-download license. With your subscription, you unlock all of these templates and millions of other assets.

Elements item homepageElements item homepageElements item homepage
Download all of the templates you saw in this round-up (and so much more!) on Envato Elements.

The low-cost model helps you launch your election night coverage on a shoestring budget. Use these broadcast templates with your specifics to create engaging coverage.

More Top After Effects Templates

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