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10 Top Cartoon and Animation Presets and Template Packs for After Effects

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Sprinkle some cartoon and animation pizazz on your next project and watch the bedazzlement begin. Unearthed from all the noise, these 10 innovative presets and template effects for After Effects will up your cartoon and animation game to new levels.

Top Cartoon Templates for After Effects

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Cartoon Face

It can’t get more fun—or funny—than a template that lets you put a face on anything your heart desires. With Cartoon Face you can create your own story that has them laughing at the start. Video tutorial for how to use and edit is included.

Cartoon faces superimposed on meringuesCartoon faces superimposed on meringuesCartoon faces superimposed on meringues

Cartoon Explainer Toolkit

Got some explaining to do? This fantastically dynamic template gives you 30 different animated backgrounds and over 600 character icons whose eyes, mouths, hands, and feet can be adjusted in scale, color, and position. All this, and automatic lipsync! 

Word document character in a classroom setting animation stillWord document character in a classroom setting animation stillWord document character in a classroom setting animation still

Cartoon Character Kit Opener

This charming opener template lets you introduce your project with a lovable character evocative of old-time Hollywood movies, dusty film aesthetic and all. Customizable, modular, with fast render and full HD resolution, Cartoon Character Kit Opener lets you create high-quality output with ease.

Cartoon Logo

Captivate viewers by displaying your logo with the vitality of animation. Cartoon Logo ushers in a breath of fresh air with its wispy, liquid animation, engaging viewers immediately and ensuring your logo makes a lasting impression.

cartoon swirl logo animationcartoon swirl logo animationcartoon swirl logo animation

Flying Cartoon Lines

Set your text free, quite literally, using the hand-drawn shape elements in Flying Cartoon Lines. Simply drop your words into the template and watch your logo and text dance through the air with unforgettable grace. Sound FX included!

drawing of a satelite in spacedrawing of a satelite in spacedrawing of a satelite in space

Cartoon Alphabet

Each letter of the alphabet an animation unto itself, Cartoon Alphabet brings your message to life with playful, classic cartoon art. In addition to the complete alphabet, the template provides 10 numbers, an exclamation point, and a question mark in the same energetic, youthful animation style.

Create something specialCreate something specialCreate something special

Cartoon Transitions

Cartoon Transitions offers exclusively designed visual segues by the dozens that will give your project the added sparkle it needs to stand out. In motion art, transitions are as important as the subject matter. Don’t sleep on this!

Ocean spalsh animation frameOcean spalsh animation frameOcean spalsh animation frame

Cartoon Intro

This clean, endearing animation provides an opportunity to introduce your project with a light-hearted, honest touch. Colorful and uplifting, Cartoon Intro has an unapologetically simple, visual style accessible to a wide spectrum of viewers. 

Bug in the city cartoon frameBug in the city cartoon frameBug in the city cartoon frame

Cartoon Pop-Ups

Zonk! Pow! Baam! This template contains a whopping 200 cartoon pop ups that animate your project like an old-school comic book. Fresh, fun, and friendly, Cartoon Pop-Ups adds a pinch of customizable spice to every frame. 

Hero-style text animationsHero-style text animationsHero-style text animations

Cartoon Elements

Offering a casual, doodle-style animation, Cartoon Elements lets you mix images and cartoon effects for super youthful, eye-catching results. The hand-drawn elements, complete with bananas, lips, pizza slices, light bulbs, and more, are vibrant, impactful, and downright cute.

Lips and sunglasses animation frameLips and sunglasses animation frameLips and sunglasses animation frame

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