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10 Top Corporate Slideshow Templates for Adobe After Effects

Read Time: 4 mins

It's impossible to learn every skill you need as a creative; Adobe After Effects is one of those tools that comes with a steep learning curve. Instead, you can start with a pre-built template that you drop your own images into.

In this round-up, I'm going to sample from VidoeHive's best files for corporate and business-oriented slideshows. I'll also show you how you can download one of these templates and use your images to create a slideshow in just a few minutes.

Watch & Learn

In this screencast, learn how to use one of the templates that I share in the round-up below. You'll see me grab the file, open it in After Effects, and adapt it with my own images.

It's relatively easy to skip the steep learning curve that comes with Adobe After Effects and use a template instead.

10 Top Templates for Corporate Slideshows

Here are ten of my favorite pieces that are available through VideoHive that work perfectly for a corporate slideshow:

1. Corporate Slideshow

Corporate Slideshow is a professional template designed for corporate presentations. You can achieve stunning results just by dropping in your own content.

2. Corporate Slideshow Bundle

This template is perfect if you need variety in a single download. This corporate pack includes three adaptable designs suited to any product or service.

3. Evolution & Quality—Corporate Slideshow

This corporate slideshow template is the perfect storyboard for sharing the story of your business. The stunning timeline graphics walk viewers through your journey to success in a dynamic, visually engaging style.

4. Website Promo

Today’s corporate environment demands a dynamic website. The key is bringing in traffic. With the Website Promo template, you’ll have all the tools you need to promote your online content in a sleek, professional style.

5. Glass Arrows Corporate Slideshow

The Glass Arrows corporate template brings a strong dose of cool modernity to your business presentation. The sleek graphics and stylish visuals will propel your company to the creative forefront.

6. Corporate Presentation Slideshow

Promoting corporate offerings often calls for a lot of photo content. This slideshow template is a great way to share it—far beyond simply flashing photos on-screen, this presentation brings refinement to your imagery.

7. Clean Corporate Parallax Slideshow

Set a cool tone for your corporate promotion with this sharp parallax template. It introduces a moody, edgy vibe to your presentation while inspiring your audience to learn more about your offerings.

8. Minimal Page Flip

Books are timeless, and you can make your corporate slides endure equally with this template. The bookish page-flip animation is minimalistic and yet brings clean creative style to your work.

9. Big Corporate Business Opener

Kick off your corporate presentation in style with this intro template. It’s clean, clear, concise, and is the perfect way to introduce newcomers to your brand.

10. 30+1 Premium Corporate Titles Pack

Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but words still count! This title pack brings the text descriptions you need to your corporate slideshow. You’ll find everything from cool to whimsical, and everything in between, in this single-download mega-pack template.

More After Effects Projects

Let's not stop here! If none of the pieces in this tutorial catch your eye, here are other round-ups that include After Effects templates. They range from title templates to logo stings, and feature the same ease-of-use.

Do you have a favorite from this piece or a question on how to use them? Let me know in the comments below.

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