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15 Top Instagram Marketing Video Templates for Premiere Pro (Stories, Motion Graphics)

No matter what type of business, potential customers are on Instagram. Creating a video for Instagram is easier when you use an Instagram template for videos. Just open the pre-made project in Premiere, add your details, and export the finished video.

Top Instagram Templates for Marketing from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Let's look at ten of the best Premiere Pro templates for businesses on Instagram. All of the Instagram video templates that you'll see in this article come from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download library for marketers. For a single flat rate, you unlock everything you need to create a great Instagram video.

1. Instagram Stories Pack No. 1

Instagram is a fun and easy way to share content. Anyone can use it—and that means it can really benefit from professional designs. In seconds, you can create high-quality social media content to share instantly with this powerful Premiere Pro template. Colors and other features are quick to customize, helping you make each post unique.

2. Instagram Promo

Create top-quality Instagram content in a flash, thanks to this creative promo template. Run it for the full 35 seconds, or divide it up into small, highly watchable blocks. Check out features like:

  • 1080p HD graphics
  • 20+ media placeholders for all your content
  • Options for photo and video

3. Instagram Photo Stories-MOGRT

Featuring ten designs, this photo Instagram template is the perfect reminder of how valuable text and imagery can be when merged together.

4. Instagram Stories—Education (MOGRT)

Instagram posts aren’t just for sharing your social life and latest travels, they’re also really useful ways to highlight and categorize your content. Whether you have how-to videos or educational photos, this flat design pack is ready to help you style it all to look its best.

5. Instagram Stories for YouTubers

If you have a YouTube channel, it's important to promote it on your other social media accounts. This Instagram Stories pack is made with YouTubers in mind. Promote your latest video or tease a channel collaboration with this Premiere Pro template. 

Instagram Stories for YouTubersInstagram Stories for YouTubersInstagram Stories for YouTubers

6. Instagram Stories | For Premiere Pro

Create the perfect promo video with this Instagram Stories template. It includes more than 100 elements you can use. Mix, match, and customize in just three easy steps. This template is great for talking about sales and new items.

Instagram Stories For Premiere ProInstagram Stories For Premiere ProInstagram Stories For Premiere Pro

7. Instagram Promo

The best Instagram promos convey a winning message in seconds. Remember, you’re dealing with users watching content on their phones: attention spans are short, and the opportunity to drive conversions is quick. To succeed, turn to features found in this template, like:

  • Clear, beautiful graphics
  • Fast-paced timing and intervals
  • Multiple image layouts
  • Background audio choices for voice-overs and music

8. This is Black — Instagram Stories

Flip the script on the overly-bright layouts that you see everywhere. With a rich, dark background and bold typography, This is Black delivers rich design aesthetic in a flexible package. You can use it for promotional clips, travelogues, social events, and much more.

9. Hand Drawn Instagram Stories

If you're looking for a modern aesthetic, try out Hand Drawn. It includes six unique templates that you can edit. Hand Drawn stands out for fashion brand startups, travel blogs, sports news, and more.

Hand Drawn Instagram StoriesHand Drawn Instagram StoriesHand Drawn Instagram Stories

10. Food Delivery Instagram Stories for Premiere

Advertise your local food delivery service with Instagram Stories. The animated character is a great vehicle to deliver your message (pun intended). This video marketing template includes five editable presets and five backgrounds.

Food Delivery Instagram Stories for Premiere ProFood Delivery Instagram Stories for Premiere ProFood Delivery Instagram Stories for Premiere Pro

11. Instagram Stories V.2

Any Instagram story can benefit from professional layouts. You’ll discover ten of them right here, each featuring its own unique look and feel. All deliver 1080p, 30fps graphics that look great on the very best mobile screens. A helpful tutorial is available to help you get started building out your own amazing Instagram presence.

12. Sports Instagram Stories

Sports are fast, fun, and exciting. That makes them a top subject for your next Instagram post. Ensure a victory for your profile—and your audience—with an awesome sports template like this one. You’ll find:

  • Multiple HD layouts
  • Plenty of room for text
  • Bright colors emphasized
  • Cool, gritty animations

13. Instagram Posts—Dynamic Puzzle

Puzzle layouts get the audience's attention. They also symbolize how separate elements form a whole idea. That makes them perfect for many Instagram stories, and thanks to this template, you can apply that idea to your own work.

Choose from various timings, including five and ten-second duration options. Then explore nearly forty separate text placeholders to bring words and phrases on-screen. With nine designer-quality themes to choose from, you’re sure to find one built for the message you want to deliver.

14. Business Stories Pack

Vibrant colors are a popular design trend this year, and you can find them in the Business Stories Pack. This video template pack is massive, and includes 65 ready made scenes and more than 550 elements and icons. Try it out to promote your new product or service. 

Business Stories PackBusiness Stories PackBusiness Stories Pack

15. Urban Fashion Opener

People sometimes laugh at vertical video, but with Instagram stories it’s made a comeback, and you really have to get it right. The ideal way to do it is with Urban Fashion Opener, a classy design meant for social posts.

Whether you’re promoting your brand, your portfolio, your business, or your other social channels, they’ll look right at home when paired with the funky animations inside this package. All of your video will be brought to the forefront, complemented expertly by your own custom text.

Envato Elements: The Best Source for Instagram Video Templates

All of the templates in this article have a common home: Envato Elements. This all-you-can-download resource is a simple subscription that includes everything you need.

If you're putting together a shoestring marketing budget, then Envato Elements is the perfect resource for you. Each template costs you nothing extra as the library offers unlimited access.

Instagram Video templateInstagram Video templateInstagram Video template
On Envato Elements, you can source every template you might need to create an Instagram story that helps you sell more products and grow your presence.

When you use templates, you save time. That frees you up to spend more time growing your business and less time working in your video editing app of choice.

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