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15 Top Intro Video Templates for Final Cut Pro X

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If you've already invested all of your time into the body of your video, you might have forgotten to budget time for a great intro. But we all know that without a good intro, nobody will make it to the rest of your production. This is a situation where Final Cut Pro intro templates can save your presentation.

In this round-up, we'll look at 15 of the best Final Cut Pro intro templates. All of these intro templates can get the audience's attention and keep them tuned-in.

15 Top Intro Video Templates for Final Cut Pro

When you use Final Cut Pro templates, most of the work is already completed for you. Templates give you placeholders that you drop your text, images, and branding into. That saves you time, and likely gives you a better intro than the one you create on your own.

Elements screenshotElements screenshotElements screenshot
These Final Cut Pro templates are sourced from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives.

All of these Final Cut Pro templates are available as a part of a subscription to Envato Elements. This flat-rate download service for creatives unlocks hundreds of templates that are screened for quality and ease-of-use.

OK, let's check out 15 of my favorite intro video templates for Final Cut Pro, all courtesy of Envato Elements! Note: some of these templates require Apple Motion to completely customize, check the descriptions to make the most of these templates.

1. Minimal Intro

Every videographer should have a minimalist intro template ready to use. This Final Cut template is perfect if you need a clean, simple and effective intro for your video. You can use image or videos in this intro, and there's a video tutorial included.

2. Clean Energy Intro

The Clean Energy Intro is a trendy and multipurpose Final Cut Pro X template. The modern and dynamic style combines white and stylish elements. This Final Cut template is an eye-catching introduction to your commercial promo or business video.

3. Rhythm Typography Intro

This Final Cut Pro intro is a clean looking and energetically animated template. It features an eye-catching design, modern text animations, and trendy transitioning effects. Try the Rhythmic Typography Intro for your projects. 

4. Dynamic Fast Intro - FCPX or Apple Motion

This flashy intro is sure to grab audience attention. With glitchy photos and modern text overlays, it’s the perfect way to open your video in style. Simply drop in your content and let the template do the work! Using this opener, you can ensure your next film starts off just right.

5. Multi Video Logo Intro

Suited for commercial intros or corporate presentations, this template introduces your logo in a series of tiles. Use it to show off the elements that make your brand whole. It’s a light and airy way to bring your branding on-screen.

6. Cinematic Logo Intro for Motion 5

You might not be a professional editor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use cinematic intros. This intense template brings the box office right to your screen. With 30 placeholders and full 4K resolution, it looks great anywhere and is a breeze to build.

7. Sports Intro Opener

Sports and action videography is a class all its own, and demands a special introduction. You’ll get just that with this fast-paced modern opener. With bold imagery and glitchy text overlays, it helps set the tempo for your sports film.

8. Simple Clean Logo Intro FCPX

Just as the name suggests, this intro video template is a clean way to open any video in Final Cut. Watch as your logo animates onscreen in seconds, and then customize its arrival by exploring the fully editable layers. Add audio to the project to complement the dramatic visuals.

9. Clean Fast Opener FCPX

The goal of an intro is to capture attention and set the tone of the video. This quick and colorful opener is professionally designed to do just that. It’s well-suited for all types of content, including text, photos, videos, and more.

10. Glitch Opener

Glitch Opener brings urban grunge to your next production. It includes photo and video placeholders to add in your own imagery, coupled with gritty text overlays. You’ll also find helpful documentation to get you started building stunning intros.

11. FCPX Liquid Logo

This liquid logo reveal is a bright and airy way to introduce your brand to the world. It’s quick enough for fast videos, but detailed enough for a lengthier open. Abstract colors lend an artistic vibe to help set a positive mood.

12. 30 Corporate Titles | FCPX

In need of multiple corporate text overlays in a single pack? Turn to this 30-piece option, loaded with professional video titles. Whether you’re shooting an intro pack or an in-depth tutorial, you’re sure to find elegant text that’s just right for you.

13. Colorful Titles - FCPX

Bright colors are one of the simplest, yet best ways to capture viewer attention. This colorful title pack includes a plethora of options to help you illustrate any text. It links to unique free custom fonts that help you stand out among your peers.

14. Bold Typo Intro

If you love the bold typography trend, this it the opener for you. There's a long version (0:18) and a short version (0:10) included in this template.

15. Fast Gradient Intro

Another trend that will continue is the gradient look. Use it for you next intro with this Final Cut video template. It contains 10 editable text layers, five media placeholders, and one logo placeholder. An eye-catching project for your social media intro, events opener, promo and advertising.  

Common Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered (FAQ)

Final Cut Pro is a powerful program for video editing. If you're new to using the software, you might have a few questions about getting stuff done. We've tried to answer a few of those common questions below. 

1. Can I Work With Teams in Final Cut Pro X?

There are a few ways for your team to collaborate on the same project. You can use proxy files, shared projects on a local network, and remote collaboration tools. While these choices let you collaborate, they all serve different purposes. Read more about these collaboration options from this guide from Envato Tuts+:

2. How Do I Fix Colors in My Footage?

Video editing programs like Final Cut Pro know color correction is important to creating a video. That's why tools for white balance, exposure, and color are included. 

Even though the tools are there, learning the balance between them can be hard. That's why we recommend taking a course to get more practice with color correction:

3. What is A LUT?

A lookup table (LUT) is a preset that can be used for color grading your footage. Color grading is focused on the look and feel of your footage. A LUT is helps set the tone you want in your final video.

If you want to learn more about color grading and find LUTs you can use, check out this article: 

4. Can I Add My Company's Logo to My Video?

Adding logos to your footage is very simple. First, you have to add your image file to the project timeline. Place it where you'd like to introduce your logo. The next step is styling your logo. Depending on what you want, this can be a very short or long process.

If you'd rather use a logo template for Final Cut Pro, here are a couple you can try:

5. How Do I Add Text to My Video in Final Cut Pro?

Adding text, or titles, is a straightforward process in Final Cut Pro. Move the playhead to where you want to add a title in the timeline. Then click on the Titles and Generators sidebar. Then you can browse from the available titles and add one to your project timeline.

This process is covered in detail here:

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