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10 Top Skateboard Video Templates for Premiere Pro (Motion Graphics)

In this list we showcase professional motion graphics templates from Envato Elements for your skateboard videos.

Skateboarder in a red helmet in a bowl, view from aboveSkateboarder in a red helmet in a bowl, view from aboveSkateboarder in a red helmet in a bowl, view from above
Teenager skateboarding on a ramp at the skatepark by tehhydina/twenty20

Top Skate Video Templates from Envato Elements

Looking for a video template that matches—and even amplifies—the fast-paced, intrepid energy of a Casper Flip and other gnarly skateboard tricks? We’ve got you. The Envato Elements subscription includes millions of creative assets and unlimited downloads; these ten video templates for Premiere Pro rise to the challenge with steez:

Skater Logo

Show that you’re a pro by beginning your video with an animated skateboarding logo. With Skater logo a dynamic figure sets the tone as he skates in to the frame, catches air and then railslides right out of the frame. Simple, powerful, and to the point.

Street Urban Intro

Gritty, fast-paced, and uber cool, Street Urban Intro is a template that chops video with the same energetic resolve as a street skater navigates public surfaces. It’s a fast animated opener with ultra-modern design and style. 

Glitch Opener

Glitch Opener uses split screens and that soulful, low-fi glitch look of yesteryear to create vivacious, dynamic intro frames. Paired with skateboarding footage, this template is exceptionally impactful.  

Urban Cinematic Media Opener

This template has a grunge, aggressive feel that’s bound to infuse your best clips with even more flash style. Cinematic and inspirational, Urban Cinematic Media Opener is especially suited for high-impact action like skateboarding.

Urban Intro

Blast your footage into a kaleidoscope of modern, dynamic frame changes using Urban Intro. Super fresh, pumping and visually rhythmic, this template has a hip hop style aesthetic that will elevate any video.

Faster Better Stronger

As the name implies, Faster Better Stronger has a formidable, driving visual aesthetic and building momentum—a great match for skateboarding reels. It’s got the perfect tinge of vintage, colorful transitions, and a strong dose of cool and trendy. 

Sport Motivation Promo

Created with the multipurpose of showcasing any stellar athlete, Sport Motivation Promo provides dynamic black and red compositions (colors changeable), typography and text backgrounds to pinpoint your message, and an overall feeling of passion, excitement, and achievement.

Action Urban Opener

A stunning, fast opener, Action Urban Opener has that super cool look of behind-the-scenes, showing camera settings and the like, sprinkled with that old-school glitch. Its modern design elements are interspersed with photo and video placeholders giving you the utmost in customization.

Urban Glitch

Pump up the style of your skateboarding footage with Urban Glitch. This trendy template opener has bold and colorful transitions, lightning speed tempo, and a consistent sprinkling of in-camera crop marks that screams cool.

Grunge Action Opener

Befitting any extreme sports video, Grunge Action Opener blasts your skateboarding frames with ultramodern brush and glitch animations and design elements that will grip your viewers from the very start.

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