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10 Top Typography Templates to Make Animated Text in Final Cut Pro

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Your words can be expressed so much more vividly—and unforgettably—when they're presented with a visual flair, but the options can be dizzying. Check out this round up of our favorite typographic video templates for Final Cut Pro, an array of unique, customizable templates offering a variety of text-based visual aesthetics.

10 Stylish Typography Templates for Final Cut Pro

1. Rhythm Typography Intro

As the name implies, Rhythm Typography Intro is a fast, energetic, stomp typography opener that will get your viewers’ attention from the start. Offering modern text animations and stylish, trendy transitioning effects, it’s simple to customize: just edit the text, drag and drop media, and hit render.

2. Modern Typography

Modern Typography sets itself apart from many other templates by providing text animation as well as animation of the background image. Perfect for business and creative projects alike, it’s simple and intuitive to use, and offers a touch of class.

3. Social Media Posts Dynamic Abstraction

Optimize your social media presence by using Social Media Posts Dynamic Abstraction. Ideal for displaying and promoting products, discounts, promotions, announcements and more, it comes with slow and fast animating options and a video tutorial with complete instructions.

4. Fun Titles

Leave behind tired old traditional fonts and express your message with humor using Fun Titles. Offering hand-drawn titles and cartoon titles, its playful transitions and animation options are sure to make viewers smile—and what's better than that?

5. Modern Typography Titles

A sleek, modern template, providing modular structure and minimal design, Modern Typography Titles includes 30 typography collections, allows use of all fonts and colors, and supports any resolution up to 4K. Lots of great options here.

6. History Quotes

Give your words the gravity they deserve with History Quotes. Using a grunge ink effect, with a wink to the look of old photography practices, this template contains ten images and video and ten text holders and the promise of amazing output. The perfect option to reduce the clutter of color and go monochrome.

7. Typography Arena

For something extra cinematic, try Typography Arena, which places your words in an electronic forum similar to a stadium, dancefloor, or Hollywood game show set. Bursting with dazzle, it’s got a professional, modular design and full HD resolution capabilities.

8. Art Typography

This catchy, motion-title template offers a brand new art titles pack that allows you to immediately set your video apart from the rest. Ideal for social media campaigns, corporate presentations, or any other text-based messages, Art Typography is modern and stylish and really easy to customize.

9. 50 Wedding Titles

Don’t let the name of the template fool you. 50 Wedding Titles might contain an exclusive pack of professionally animated, hand-drawn wedding titles, but the typography could suit many other presentations that also call for an elegant, classic, romantic, cinematic look. This one is super pretty.

10. Lyric Titles

Let your words unfold in a cadence that underscores their meaning and depth with Lyric Titles. This template allows use of any fonts, and provides in and out animation, sound effects, transitions that compellingly draw you in. There's lots of fun to be had here!

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