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10 Top Video Templates for People With Visual Impairments (After Effects and Premiere Pro)

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More than a billion people worldwide live with some form of disability, and often this takes the form of visual impairment. With a bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can design videos that are inclusive and accessible for many viewers. And, with video templates, you don't have to create them from scratch.

In this round-up, we cover ten templates suitable for audiences with auditory or visual impairments. We selected video templates that stick to the following principles:

  • Bold, easy-to-read text that can help those with limited eyesight
  • Simple, unobstructed animations that aren't overly distracting
  • Color schemes friendly to those with color blindness. 

Preferred Video Templates for Viewers With Visual Impairment

In this round-up, we're focused on accessible video templates that are easy to customize. All of the templates that you'll see in this round-up keep things simple so that those with limited vision or hearing can make the most of the content.

And best of all, they're all available as a part of the flat-rate subscription to Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives. 

Envato Elements templatesEnvato Elements templatesEnvato Elements templates
On Envato Elements, you can source unlimited templates for video production, including accessible options that are easy to see and use.

Using a template is the best way to rapidly create a professional video. All of the animations, graphics, and art are ready for you: all that you have to do is add your specifics to the placeholders.

Pair a template like these with closed captions for those with auditory impairments:

OK, let's take a look at ten of the best and most accessible templates on Envato Elements. These templates span a variety of apps so that you can create a video regardless of your favorite platform.

1. Page Flip Logo Reveal—Adobe After Effects

Simplicity in design is one of the key tenants of accessibility, and this template is the perfect example. Even with simple animations, the text is easy-to-read and appropriately sized.

2. Paper Shady Animated Typeface—MOGRT, Works in Multiple Adobe Apps

This easy-to-read animated type is perfect for a variety of purposes. And because it's packaged in MOGRT format, it works in a variety of Adobe video applications. Again, it strikes the balance between ease-of-reading and visual appeal.

3. 30 Clean Quotes Pack—Adobe After Effects

Quotes can inspire and motivate anyone, and this template makes it a breeze to create or enjoy them. Again, accessibility in these templates is all about readability, and large text and simple animations works well.

4. 100 Clean Titles—Adobe After Effects

Another solid selection, use these After Effects animations to introduce your accessible video. They're easy-to-read and easy-to-use.

5. Hand Explainer Kit—Adobe Premiere Pro

While this template may not be ideal for a visually impaired viewer, it is suitable for those with auditory challenges. This type of video can be the perfect bridge that explains a process.

6. Minimalism Titles—Adobe After Effects

Sensing a theme in this round-up? Less is more and helps those with limited vision focus on the key elements. Use a template like this to do just that.

7. Modern Minimal Titles—MOGRT, Works in Multiple Adobe Apps

More than 50 simple templates come in MOGRT format for use in a variety of apps. And best of all, it embodies the simple use that anyone with visual impairments is sure to appreciate. 

8. Minimal Typography—Adobe After Effects

This highly accessible template makes it easy to customize the production with your text. Just type over the placeholders and watch it brought to life in easy to read styles.

9. Explainer Typography Kit—Adobe After Effects

This is another ideal choice for the auditory impaired. Again, in an environment where sound matters, provide a video with this template as an alternative to explain a process or situation.

10. Simplicity Title Pack—Adobe After Effects

Rounding out our selection is an easy-to-follow title package with simple text. Use it to introduce your video with an easy-reading title screen.

More Accessibility Tutorials

Accessibility is important to ensure that none of your potential viewers are left out. When you use the templates in this round-up, you can reach an audience that might otherwise be excluded.

At Envato Tuts+, accessibility is a core value. These tutorials will help you address users with accessibility challenges across several apps. Check them out and learn more about inclusive design principles:

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