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15 Best After Effects Templates on VideoHive (Envato Market)

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It's amazing to me that Envato Market now has close to 50,000 After Effects projects. In this round-up, I'm going to jump around between some of the best After Effects projects I've found on VideoHive. 

Everyone agrees that After Effects is an incredibly powerful app. The challenge lies in leveraging the app to do exactly what you want it to do and create amazing animations with it.

So, what do you do when you need to create a professional video project but don't quite have the hang of using After Effects? The answer is that you start off with a project that you grab from VideoHive and edit it to your liking. Adding your own text, logo, and more is far easier than recreating the wheel.

1. AinTrailers — Animated Character Kit

Animation takes some serious time to learn. Even if you're a skilled animator, you may not have time to draw everything from scratch.

Enter AinTrailers, one of my favorite projects on Envato Market. You can generate thousands of character combinations and animate them easily to create an impressive explainer video on a shoestring budget. The actors in this kit work for free, because they're all animated!

The Aintrailers toolkit is absolutely amazing! The toolset is really flexible and it provides various options for customization and tuning.—mister-y

2. Photo Motion Pro — Photo Animator Project

One of my favorite uses for After Effects is to bring a sense of animation to still images: Simply drag and drop images into this project and watch them come to life as if they came from video footage.

Photo Motion ProPhoto Motion ProPhoto Motion Pro
Photo Motion Pro

3. Mobile App Developer Intro — App Promotion Kit

If you're spending your days developing mobile and web apps for your clients, the last thing that you're thinking about is developing a video roll to promote your company. Skip the hard work of doing that from scratch with this pack.

High quality content and very easy to customize.—bzouchir
Mobile App Developer IntroMobile App Developer IntroMobile App Developer Intro

4. The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro v2 — Glitch Intro Template

The glitch style would feel right at home to open up an episode of Mr. Robot or Black Mirror, and this pack is a great way to recreate the effect. It even includes sound effects that you can sync up.

Because the glitch style is kind of random by nature, it's great that you can apply customizations in this project. You can tweak the color palette of the effect to match your branding.

I have never used After Effects prior to purchasing this template and it was simple to learn how to work with the project. This is an extremely high-quality piece of work.—NCOW001
Ultimate Glitch Logo IntroUltimate Glitch Logo IntroUltimate Glitch Logo Intro
Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro

5. Media Brush Logo Intro — Sting/Intro Template

Here's another project that showcases the depth of project types that are available on Envato Market. Placeholders for your images or video footage make it easy to add and customize the project, and you'll see those come to life with broad brushstrokes that paint them onto the canvas.

6. Handy Seamless Transitions — Transition Pack

Transitions are built into most video editing apps, but there's more you can do when cutting between scenes thanks to this project.

The Handy Seamless Transitions pack has over 1,000 presets for switching scenes. Use fancy pan effects, target-zooms, and much more.

The instructions for this are clear and easy to understand. The result is a beautiful array of transitions that take your project to the next level.—surchinfx
Handy Seamless TransitionsHandy Seamless TransitionsHandy Seamless Transitions
Handy Seamless Transitions

7. TypoKing — Title Animation Kit

Great typography can really make a difference in the professionalism of a video project. While After Effects has type tools built in, it can be a bit obtuse to create a professional text animation.

Enter TypoKing, the crown wearer for text animations. It strikes a great balance between being easy-to-use with animation presets, and totally customizable.


8. Awards Show — Professional Awards Intro

Whether you're producing for The Emmys or The Dundies, this project will set the stage for a night to remember. It has that high shine look that will really make award winners feel honored to be featured!

Awesome Awards Show. We used it for an Awards Conference . Very customizable and lots of flexibility.—dannarasm
Awards Show ScreenshotAwards Show ScreenshotAwards Show Screenshot
Awards Show

9. Photo Frames — Animated Photo Slideshow

One main misconception in video production is that a video needs to be complex to catch a viewer's attention. Photo Frames helps dispel this myth by simply combining your own images and clean typography for an easy video project.

Add background music, and this typographic video will be more than enough to make an impact.

PHoto FramesPHoto FramesPHoto Frames
Photo Frames

10. Watercolor & Ink Slideshow — Intro Template

Here's yet another example of an effect that looks great, but can't easily be recreated from scratch. Use this slideshow to add your own photos and see them animated as if they are beautiful watercolor paintings.

Easy to use and alter, and with beautiful results.—allthingsmal
Watercolor and Ink SlideshowWatercolor and Ink SlideshowWatercolor and Ink Slideshow
Watercolor & Ink Slideshow

11. 30 Simple Titles — Corporate Title Pack

Who doesn't need fancy title effects when producing a video? This pack might be the only one you ever need. With slick animations and ease-of-use, I can't recommend it enough.

Very friendly and detailed response on technical issue and the product is visually appealing and easy to customize for my application.—Roger_Jolicoeur
30 Simple Titles30 Simple Titles30 Simple Titles
30 Simple Titles

12. Lower Thirds — Design Elements

The point of a Lower Thirds animation is to overlay on video footage and provide context or detail. One of the most common uses that you'll see is introducing the name of the speaker or interviewee that's on-screen.

This pack is perfect for that purpose. Like many of the projects in this roundup, it's easy to change the colors that you see in the screenshot below and swap in your own text.

Lower ThirdsLower ThirdsLower Thirds
Lower Thirds

13. Quantum HUD Infographic — Simulation Template

Few graphic styles are more indicative of the future than a HUD, or heads-up-display. These are already making their way into cars, as information like your speed or navigation can be projected onto the windshield.

If you want to simulate that look, don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, use this infographic to add your own data in the HUD style.

Quantum HUD InfographicQuantum HUD InfographicQuantum HUD Infographic
Quantum HUD Infographic

14. 140 Flash FX Elements — Animated Effects

These animations are so professional, they would feel right at home in a big screen anime movie.

Easy to use, and really cool. I am a total beginner in Adobe After Effects ... I was surprised that it was incredibly simple, and this product came with 2 video tutorials which really helped me.—ianizaguirre

15. Wedding Titles — Easy Wedding Typography Animations

Wedding photographers are a perfect example of those dipping their toes into the water of creating video. Adding a brief video to your client's package adds a lot of value and can set you apart in a highly competitive industry.

These titles are the perfect way to do just that. Add your couple's name and dates (optional) and choose from one of the styles to add a professional overlay.

Wedding Titles ExampleWedding Titles ExampleWedding Titles Example
Wedding Titles

More Great After Effects Templates

These are some of my favorite After Effects projects, but Envato Market is far too deep to capture all of the best content in just one post. Check out these other posts that we've carried on Tuts+ to see other options for building videos quickly.

What's your favorite file on Envato Market? Have you tried anything that wound up being successful for your business? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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