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15 Top Flat Design Templates for Adobe After Effects

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Read Time: 3 mins

The flat style has really come into vogue recently, as design trends increasingly favor simple elements with bright colors. 

In this tutorial, I'm going to share how you can create Adobe After Effects videos with the flat design style in just a few minutes. We'll look at a roundup of some of the easiest and best projects for recreating the flat effects, no matter your level of experience with After Effects.

Watch & Learn

I am not an After Effects professional. It is an amazing, but intimidating, piece of software. Even for experienced users of other animation and image-manipulation software, it can take some time to get truly comfortable with.

That's why I use projects from VideoHive over and over again. These are pre-built projects that you can use with your own unique brand assets. The animations and effects will still work, but your own elements will be animated instead.

Watch the screencast below to see how I can use one of these projects to animate a logo for my side project in the flat style.

Check out the projects below for a roundup of the best flat After Effects projects that you can use with your own logo, text, and graphics.

1. Flat Logo Reveal  — Abstract Sting

Flat Logo RevealFlat Logo RevealFlat Logo Reveal

Ideal for: animating your own logo with a bit of shadow and text.

2. Flat Design  — Explainer Animation

Flat design projectFlat design projectFlat design project

Ideal for: flat explainer videos with easy-to-use graphics.

3. Christmas Flat  — Broadcast Package

Christmas FlatChristmas FlatChristmas Flat

Ideal for: a holiday themed greeting card for your business or freelance practice.

4. Flat Infographics Toolkit — Animated Infographic Templates

Flat infographics toolkitFlat infographics toolkitFlat infographics toolkit

Ideal for: showcasing data, charts, and graphics with animation.

5. Flat Animated Icons Library — Visual Asset Collection

Flat Animated Icons LibraryFlat Animated Icons LibraryFlat Animated Icons Library

Ideal for: creating an explainer video with plenty of icons to support your points.

6. Flat Logo — Animated Logo Sting

Envato Market Flat logoEnvato Market Flat logoEnvato Market Flat logo

Ideal for: a simple, inexpensive way to animate your logo with a flat style.

7. Flat Flip Logo Reveal — Corporate Logo Sting

Flat Flip Logo RevealFlat Flip Logo RevealFlat Flip Logo Reveal

Ideal for: animating your logo with extra graphical flourishes in After Effects.

8. Flat Corporate — Video Display Template

Flat CorporateFlat CorporateFlat Corporate

Ideal for: building a modern flat look with traditional typography styles.

9. Flat Lower Third — Abstract Design Elements

Flat Lower ThirdFlat Lower ThirdFlat Lower Third

Ideal for: annotating a video with funky flat lower third titles.

10) Flat Christmas — Opener Template

Flat ChristmasFlat ChristmasFlat Christmas

Ideal for: another easy-to-use flat holiday video, perfect for current season.

11. Flat App Promo — Mobile Product Display Demo Template

Flat App PromoFlat App PromoFlat App Promo

Ideal for: animating and promoting your app with easy animations to include devices.

12. Flat Logo Opener — Abstract Logo Sting

Flat logo openerFlat logo openerFlat logo opener

Ideal for: animating a logo with surrounding shape animations to really grab the user's eye.

13. Flat Infographics Elements — Infographics Frameworks

Flat Infographics ElementsFlat Infographics ElementsFlat Infographics Elements

Ideal for: charting and graphing data with simple, flat colors.

14. Flat Extrude Preset — Text and Logo Design Preset

Flat ExtrudeFlat ExtrudeFlat Extrude

Ideal for: creating a flat look, with a bit of retro style, using the popular extrusion effect.

15. Social Flat — Corporate Logo Stings

Social FlatSocial FlatSocial Flat

Ideal for: adding social icons to help keep your audience connected.

More After Effects Projects

Thanks to Envato Market, you can create video files with no real knowledge of animation. Simply substitute your own personalized assets and details into the project and you can create a customized animation.

Here are other great round ups to create video projects easily with After Effects:

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