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15 Inspiring Particle Animation Video Templates for After Effects

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Viewers make quick decisions: The web is so saturated with content that you've got to make an immediate impact with your video.

But if you don't have the video editing chops, how do you do that? Not to worry. You can use a project from  Envato Market to create a professional video without much time or knowledge. Open up one of these After Effects projects and add your own logo, text, and color scheme to it to get the most from it.

In this roundup, we're going to take a look at 15 inspiring Adobe After Effects particular video projects. Make sure and play the previews below for the full effect of these amazing projects!

1. Cinematic Elegant Particles Title

Here's the perfect choice for creating an animated title for your next film project. This After Effects particular project feels like the perfect fit for a network television show.

2. In Particles

In Particles is a great example of an easy-to-use particular effect project. With five different color presets, it's easy to match the feel of this effect to your own branding style. Just add your own logo and see it animated.

3. Particles

The particular effect in this project looks perfectly suited for your sci-fi production. With easy ways to add your own text, you can use this as the perfect kickstart for your video. Requires Trapcode Particular.

4. Chrome Particles Logo

This particular After Effects project blends particle details with a shiny metallic lighting to bring your logo to life. It's a breeze to just drop your own logo into the placeholder file and watch it come to life. Requires Trapcode Particular.

5. Particle Line Luxury Reveal

This impressive project has a fiber-optic cable style animation to kick off your video production. Combining particles with dynamic lighting, you can see your typography animated with this easy After Effects particular project.

6. Particles Logo

You don't have to be a 3D animator to create a fancy particle effect thanks to this project. It's as simple as adding your own logo, and the Particles Logo project will animate the logo in a cloud of particles. Requires Trapcode Particular.

7. Particle Presets

While this project does require the Red Giant Trapcode Particular plugin, it's still worth checking out. The key advantage to these presets is that it makes your alpha channel (transparency-ready) footage animate on top of other footage with a particle effect. 

8. Transformation of particles

This project also requires the Red Giant Trapcode Particular plugin, but it's no slouch when it comes to the effects it can create. As the preview shows, you can use this After Effects particular project to create silver screen-ready effects like The Matrix title animation to life.

9. Cinematic particles logo reveal

This project has an impressive selection of ways to animate your logo into view. Check this out as a way to use particles with your own logo.

While this project does require the Red Giant Trapcode Particular plugin, the author offers to render it for free for you without the plugin.

10. Heart Particles

In the mood for love? Try this particular Adobe After Effects project; it's the perfect way to animate your text in a heart shape. Just update the starter project with the couple's name, and watch the romance ignite.

11. Particle Coalition

This simple but effective particular effect requires the Trapcode Particular plugin as well, but it's one of the cleanest and most compelling After Effects particular projects for logo animations.

12. Glowing Particles Flow

Zoom through space using this project! You can use this type of project to really create a sense of motion in After Effects.

13. Gold Particle Flow

This After Effects particular project has a groovy pulsating effect. It reminds me of flying over a city. You could use this project as a way to create a background with eye-catching lights.

14. Smoke Particles Opener

Simple and to the point, this After Effects particular project will animate a logo in a quick burst of smoke in this project. It's a great example of using your own assets with a pre-built project for easy animations.

15. Particles Explosion Logo Reveal

Rounding out our selection, this Adobe After Effects particular effect is one of my top choices for logo animation. This sets the stage for your video using particles to pull together logos.

More After Effects Projects

Looking for other effects? If the particle effect isn't your cup of tea, no worries; there are plenty more pre-built projects that you can use.

Let's take a look at four more round-ups that will help you bring your video project to life in a single sitting:

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