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15 Top Promo Video Templates to Make Ads Quickly With Placeit

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Having a sale? Make a promo video!

With advertisers pushing and shoving to bring their products to the forefront of consumers’ minds, it's hard to stand out. That’s where video promos come in: they're a quick, effective way to showcase your products and services and let people know about that hot deal or new product.

Crafted by talented designers, the templates in this list will give your promo videos professional motion graphics: All you have to do is tailor them lightly to fit your content and colors, and share them with the world.

Placeit PromoPlaceit PromoPlaceit Promo
Placeit gives you a head start on your creative project with smart templates that are easy to customize.

Placeit Promo Video Maker

Placeit, an Envato company, is a resource that makes it easy to create incredible designs, logos, mock-ups, and videos online. You don’t need access to expensive and complex design software, and you can log in with your Envato account. Subscription gives you unlimited downloads from Placeit for a flat monthly rate.

The templates in this list are available on Placeit's Promo Video Maker, and easy use, browser-based video tool.

15 Top Promo Video Templates on Placeit

Before you choose a promo video template, it pays to really consider your objective in advance. In other words, what are you trying to promote? Placeit’s library is deep enough to allow you to choose customized, niche templates suited to specific markets. You might be trying to sell a product on YouTube, for example. Or, you may have a startup business in need of a catchy viral marketing campaign.

Just be sure you know your goals in advance, and Placeit will take care of providing an incredible template to make them happen, but by selecting a template that complements your marketing message you’ll be able to maximize engagement and drive conversions.

Now, let’s check out 15 of Placeit’s top promo video templates:

1. Instagram Story Video Maker for a Music Merch Sale

Introduce contemporary style with this promo video template. You can add a music track and edit text to make an Instagram Story video. It’s equally at home in marketing campaigns and instructional clips alike.

2. Fashion Product Overview Slideshow Video Maker With a Minimal Style

This fashionable slideshow video generator makes some great promo videos. It uses dynamic abstract shapes as a backdrop to your images. The possibilities are varied here, requiring only a few clicks to customize to your own purposes.

3. Slideshow Maker for a Step by Step Studying Video

If you want to explain how to use your product or service, here's the perfect promo video template. You can add and remove slides as needed, as well as add images or videos to illustrate the process. 

4. Sale Slideshow Video Maker for Instagram Ad Videos for a Clothing Brand

Fun text overlays are a must in any promo video. The best imagery in the world cannot communicate a promotional pitch alone. Keep them fun and fashionable with this versatile animation maker template. Choose from over 20 unique fonts right inside your browser to customize your text overlays.

5. Abstract YouTube Ad Video Maker

The first reaction to YouTube ads is often to click skip, so it’s key to grab viewer attention in the first seconds of an ad. This template helps you do just that, with a flashy and vivid opening sequence. Just drop in your own branding elements and ensure your promo is played to the end on YouTube.

6. Text Animation Maker for Promo Videos with Frame Graphic

Perfect for splashing discount offers onscreen front and center, this framed text animator is another great way to dress up your text overlays. You’ll recognize the formatting from prominent commercials and online ads. This one is perfect for sales videos looking to put their offers right in front of viewers. It truly makes your discounts count.

7. Text Animation Maker with Moving Background

Moving text and photos demonstrate style and momentum on video. So why not have both? With this template, you can overlay animated text overlays across shifting background images. It’s truly the best of both worlds from an engagement standpoint. You’re given full creative freedom to add custom backgrounds and text.

8. Text Animation Maker with 3D Effect

Add simple 3D graphics to elevate your video to another dimension. Text elements and eclectic shapes shift and combine to propel your message on screen. A closing logo placeholder ends the video on a strong marketing note, intended to stay with your audiences long after the clip stops rolling. Try out the miscellaneous color presets, or create your own with the color wheel.

9. Text Animation to Make Social Media Videos with Summer Graphics

Bring life and light to your videos with this summer-inspired promo video template. Summer carries connotations of brightness and refreshment, tones that serve many promotional videos well. Try this one for travel promos, destination teasers, and all things fun in the sun. Use the included color palette or experiment with your own style.

10. Text Animation Maker to Create Video Ads

Built just for video ad creators, this fashion template delivers urban sophistication in an easy-to-use package. Explore the hottest new trends or promote discounts on last year’s hits with the flexible content placeholders. Two color sections deliver binary contrast with unlimited customization.

11. Text Animation Maker with Line Art

Introduce sharp, sporty graphics into your promo template with this otherworldly modern offering. This one is a prime example of the power of simplicity. Wavy lines offset bold text that projects your name. Use this as a promo intro for almost any type of project, and be sure to add your own audio for full multidimensional impact.

12. Text Animation Maker with Search Bar

Meant to promote your website in a flash, this template makes use of search engine graphics to help audiences discover your online presence. An optional background image adds more color, or you can stick to the sleek animations of the default version. All you have to do is drop your URL into the text placeholder... and then watch your website gain traffic.

13. Text Animation Maker to Create a Social Media Video for Startups

Startup companies in today’s market have a tough go to make it to the top. Competition is fierce, and it’s hard to be noticed. Kickstart a viral marketing campaign on the path to becoming a household name. How? Try a promo video template like this to style and launch yourself to success.

14. Animation Maker for Instagram Posts Featuring Kinetic Typography

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a typography promo video can be worth even more. It features dynamic type and a bold font. It's a minimal choice, but it s editable to add an image background.

15. YouTube Ad Video Template to Offer a Product

Step up your YouTube marketing game with this promo video template. You can add your offers and an image of your product or service. Mix up the contrasting color placeholders to suit your image. It's a short promo video that can get your message across quickly.

How to Build Your Own Promo Video on Placeit

As you can see, Placeit offers a ton of amazing promo video templates. Let’s say you’ve been browsing and have found a template you want to use for your own project. For this tutorial, let’s use item #1 from above, the Abstract YouTube Ad Video Maker. Now, you’re ready to get started building your very own custom promo video.

Step 1

If you see a project template you want to use, simply click on the thumbnail to open it up.

Find a project templateFind a project templateFind a project template
Any of these project templates on Placeit are a great starting point for creating a custom creative deliverable.

Step 2

You’ll see a preview of the template in the center of your screen. On the left and right sides, you’ll see various placeholders and features you can customize and edit to meet your needs.

Start customizationStart customizationStart customization
Use the built-in placeholder tools to customize the Placeit starter project.

Step 3

Let’s begin by swapping out the text with text of our own here on the left side. I’ll also choose a new background by clicking one of the thumbnails on the bottom left.

Update textUpdate textUpdate text
Type over the text placeholders in the tool to totally customize your project.

Step 4

Next up, on the right side, I’ll click to select a new button, matte background, and color options. Click More on the color chooser to launch a full color selection wheel. If you have custom colors from a branding guide, put them into the box at the bottom. Then click Choose.

Update buttons PlaceitUpdate buttons PlaceitUpdate buttons Placeit
You can also update the color of buttons and objects right inside the Placeit customization tool.

Step 5

When finished, click Generate, and then click Download at the top of the preview screen. Your custom promo video template is ready to use! Launch it in a video player to check out the finished results.

Click generateClick generateClick generate
Click Generate, then download your finished project to wrap up the customization.

Find More Placeit Video Makers

Placeit is a useful tool to have when you're making promotional videos. Not only do you not need any software, but everything is editable! If you're looking to make more marketing videos, check out these useful video templates:

Wrapping Up

Marketing has never been more important than it is in 2021. Video is a must for brands in the forefront of their fields. It’s also never benefitted from as many styles and templates as are now available. Promotion is all about show-and-tell, and there is no substitute for high quality promo video templates. The experts know it, and now, so do you! But, with Placeit, you don’t have to match their big budgets to build stunning videos.

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