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15 Top Sports Video Templates for Adobe After Effects

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Who hasn't watched professional sports and wished they were part of the action? You might never make it to the major leagues, but these projects can give you that professional sports feel in your own videos.

Whether it's your kids' little league team or your office intramural squad, you can use pre-built projects in Adobe After Effects to create impressive video projects with minimal effort. All of these projects are from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service: gain access to everything for a single flat rate.

Envato Elements Sports projectsEnvato Elements Sports projectsEnvato Elements Sports projects
These projects are all available to create impressive sports videos thanks to Envato Elements.

Let's take a look at 15 of the very best sport projects for Adobe After Effects. We'll see projects that span many popular sports that you can use to animate your own action easily. Make sure to play the previews to see them in action!

1. Sports Fan

Set the stage for a sports broadcast with this video. The high-intensity transitions and graphics placeholders make it an ideal fit to build excitement for your sports broadcast. 

2. Sport Cup Intro

Promoting your championship is easy with this Sport Cup Intro package. Add your own logo to the trophy stand and watch the big game promoted with this project.

3. Sports Broadcast - 3D Opener

This 3D opener feels like it could be the opening to the nightly sports update on a news channel. A project like this is a great reminder of how you can produce broadcast video on a budget, so try it out for a broadcast of your own.

4. Broadcast Sports Events 

This flat animation is a more subtle, abstract way to kick off your sports broadcast in Adobe After Effects. Customize it with your own logo and use it as the intro for practically any sports video.

5. Golden Sport Intro

The brilliant animation casts photorealistic lighting on a soccer trophy. It can act as the opener for your championship soccer (football) match with space for your own logo as well.

6. Solid Sport Trophy Intro Opener

Here's a different take on the trophy animation. This is a more general trophy render that you could use for any sport. Just add your own details and kick off the big title match!

7. Football Game Promo

A clean and straightforward intro, the Football Game Promo is the right choice to start your gridiron battle. Use your own video or photos and drop in a logo to create an animation that will get things off on the right foot.

8. Golf Masters Graphics Package

If you need to produce a golf tournament broadcast on a budget, this is the perfect choice. Not only does it have exciting animations and pre-built title cards, it also has an easy-to-customize scoreboard and stat overlays. 

9. Dynamic Basketball Opener/Intro

Tip things off the right way with this opener! Statboards and animations of a basketball court set the tone perfectly for your next big hardwood matchup. 

10. Power Fitness Logo Intro

Strength competitions have become popular in recent years and this project is perfect as the intro for a video feature. 

11. Dynamic Hockey Opener

Just before the puck drops, the Dynamic Hockey Opener can heat things up for your hockey broadcast. You can use the pre-built graphics to put the top players' stats and team logos on the screen easily.

12. 2018 Winter Games

Even though the 2018 Olympics have come and gone, this Adobe After Effects project is still an excellent choice. Host your own local version of the ancient games with this project, simply substituting the placeholders with details of your own big games.

13. College Basketball Bracket Madness

Every year, American offices lose hundreds of hours of productivity thanks to the annual college basketball tournament. Maybe you'll never get to cut down the nets for your alma mater, but you can certainly simulate it with this project.

14. Soccer Broadcast Pack

The globe's most popular sport by a long shot, there are so many soccer (football) leagues that it's hard to keep up with all of the action. Even for small startup leagues, a broadcast package like this can add professionalism to your league.

15. Basketball Night

Rounding out our selections, the Basketball Night for After Effects is a slam dunk option for showcasing your roundball team. 

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