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20 Best After Effects Intro Templates (Premium & Free for 2023)

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The best videos shine because they have stunning intros. Fortunately, these are easy to build. And you don’t need any video production or design skills to get started!

In this article, we’ll cover a variety of free Adobe After Effects intro templates. We'll also share the premium options from Envato Elements that help you build amazing openers in moments. These designs help you get and hold the audience's attention, and they're sure to make an impact. 

5 Best After Effects Intro Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2023)

Parallax Intro

Featured After Effects Template from Envato Elements

A cinematic After Effects intro template with sleek visuals and animation effects. 

Key Features

You can add your own images in a few moments. It's one of the best After Effects intro templates to transform images into a dynamic video. It only takes a few clicks to create a dynamic video, even for rookie editors. Animations are pre-built, and background music comes built in.

  • Applications: Adobe After Effects
  • Requirements: No plugins required
  • Author: Nitrozme

Download and Try

Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads of millions of digital assets. For a flat monthly rate, you’ll enjoy After Effects templates, stock video, music, fonts, and more.

Parallax Intro is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

Download Template

More After Effects Intro Templates From Envato Elements

Want to try more cool options? With Envato Elements, you can download as many premium After Effects intro templates as you want! They’re all included in your flat-rate subscription. Here are more stunning templates available now from Envato Elements:

2. Dynamic Intro

This After Effects intro template uses a kinetic style. It’s an option to add crisp, cool transitions to your video content. Glitch intro overlays are included as well.

3. Smart Intro

An opener for After Effects like this is great for mobile sharing. To it, you can add your own text overlays, photos, and more. The premium template does the rest. That saves you time and gives great results! 

4. Grunge Intro

These grungy After Effects intro templates serve up a glitchy, retro vibe. They’d look right at home in the 1980’s! It's a great option if you love the world of sci-fi. They’re fast-paced and work with all the content that you add to the template.

5. Typo Intro - Modern Intro 

It’s easy to forget text styles in your After Effects intro templates. But here is one meant exactly for that. It transforms your text into modern opener overlays that animate onscreen. Remember that templates adapt to your preferences. That means you can use any text you want with this starter design.

20 Free After Effects Intro Templates for Download in 2023

Here are some trending free After Effects intro templates. Available now, you can use them if you need an After Effects intro template on a limited budget:

1. Split Text Intro

This text intro uses letterbox styling. The graphics are black and white, to avoid flashy distractions from your video content. 

2. Mixed Transition Intro

Mixed transitions like this combine animated effects with customizable text headings. 

3. Shape Motion Intro

The Shape Motion Intro features dynamic shapes in motion. This lets you create a high-energy intro in moments.

4. Pixel Frame Intro

Pixel Frame Intro uses a pixel effect. It lends an abstract look and feel to your own text, logos, and more. 

5. Big Bold Text Intro

The Big Bold Text Intro features bold typography and sleek graphics. These features let you build a strong and memorable intro.

6. Inverted Flash Shape Intro

Flash transitions provide a clear break between sections of content. They’re featured here, with bright and flashy colors used throughout. 

7. Bold Fitness Intro

Aimed at athletic and active videos, you can use this After Effects intro template every day. It uses fitness-themed graphics and customizable text for a dynamic intro.

8. Wedding Location Intro

The Wedding Location Intro is a romantic intro for wedding videos. You can add captions to list off names, the wedding venue's location, and more. 

9. Creative Shape Gaming Intro

Kicking off a gaming video? Here, you have a template that uses controller shapes to make intros and openers for your video. 

10. Animated Arrow Intro

The Animated Arrow Intro makes use of animated arrows. It's a simple, but engaging opener that you can use for videos on nearly any topic. 

11. Clean Twist Logo Intro

Minimalism is often key when you choose an After Effects intro template. One like this introduces your logo, without flashy effects that distract your audience. 

12. Cafe Food Intro

This is a charming intro that uses food-themed graphics and customizable text. Social icons are included to promote your restaurant or cafe online. 

13. Real Estate Intro

Buying or selling? This After Effects intro is built for real estate, helping you show off houses and properties. 

14. Product Promo Intro

Your new product deserves a compelling introduction. With the Product Promo Intro, you’ll see image placeholders and space to list features and pricing. 

15. Shape Animation End Screen

Shape animations capture the attention of the audience and help move from theme to theme. You can add them with this premium After Effects intro template. 

16. Kinetic Opener Video

Kinetic effects feature prominently in this opener. Text titles zoom into a full video frame, providing an unforgettable intro. 

17. Holiday Travel Opener

Sharing clips from your holiday travel memories? This is a flexible package for that purpose, with transitions and video placeholders built in. 

18. Sport Logo Reveal

Here is a powerful logo reveal featuring sports-themed graphics. It's ideal for action-focused videos. The bold animations look right at home with action stills and videos backing your logo. 

19. Quick Bold Opener

Often, the best openers are quick and to the point. This free After Effects intro template moves quickly. It features one-word headlines and gradient backdrops. 

20. Simple Opener with Particles

Colorful particles are used in these After Effects intro templates. It works as a quick photo intro or logo reveal for 2023. 

The Top Source for After Effects Intro Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Premium After Effects intro templates help your videos shine. The best place to find these is Envato Elements. With thousands of After Effects intro template options, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. 

For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many templates as you want! And that’s far from all. Elements includes millions of other digital assets. These include fonts, stock photos, and more. All are included in the powerful unlimited-downloads offer.

Elements After Effects intro templateElements After Effects intro templateElements After Effects intro template
Envato Elements: millions of creative assets, unlimited downloads. 

When you choose an Envato Elements template, you unlock true creative freedom. You’ll benefit from premium styling. But you’ll maintain the ability to make your own edits and changes. And with unlimited downloads, you can explore your options until you find the perfect fit.

Elements After Effects intro templatesElements After Effects intro templatesElements After Effects intro templates
Some of the countless premium After Effects intro templates available now from Envato Elements.

Sure, you can find free After Effects intro templates around the web. But they simply cannot match the beauty and power of premium designs. Embrace After Effects intro template designs from Envato Elements. When you do, you’ll enjoy:

  • Powerful customization features. These templates are built by video experts with you in mind. You’ll find each template to be easy and intuitive to work with.
  • Cinematic quality. These aren’t basic, free designs. Truly, Elements templates offer premium styling. Your work will look right at home on any screen!
  • Modern, inspired designs. Premium After Effects intro templates are never boring. Instead, they’re modern and lavishly detailed. They’ll bring new life to your content and engage any audience. 

More Templates for Adobe After Effects

You're a busy video editor. The last thing you have time for is creating everything from scratch. That's why it pays to start with templates. You saw free After Effects intro templates in this article, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. We consistently publish the leading templates that you can use to save time and get great results.

Check out these top templates. Many of them even work perfectly as After Effects intro templates!

Learn More About Adobe After Effects

After Effects isn't an easy app to master. That's why we recommend starting with pro grade After Effects intro templates. But you might still need tips and tricks to help you work with those templates.

We've got tutorials that hep you master the After Effects learning curve. You can use these with your After Effects intro templates to create great videos that take on your personality. Learn more in the posts below:

You Just Saw the Best After Effects Intro Templates

With these After Effects intro templates, you have everything you need to make an unforgettable video. As a busy creator, you don't have to do it alone. Templates are here to help you create great results without learning After Effects from the bottoms up!

Remember that free After Effects intro templates might get the job done, but they won't give you the best results. Lean into premium After Effects intro templates from Envato Elements for powerful effects at a flat rate cost. Your audience is sure to tune in when you start off strong!

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