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3 Top Indonesia Video Templates for After Effects (Graphics, Maps, Illustrations)

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Sharing travel stories from Indonesia, or showing off your firm’s presence there? With a large population, beautiful islands, and a fast-grow economy, it's no surprise you might want to feature this populous country.

In this tutorial, you'll see three of the top templates to spotlight Indonesia. They're easy-to-use in Adobe After Effects and included for a flat rate from Envato Elements.

3 Top After Effects Motion Graphics Templates for Indonesia

All of these templates are from Envato Elements: for a flat monthly rate, you have access to unlimited downloads of video templates, stock footage, music, photos, and more. This includes graphics and maps designed by experts and ready to support your next production. Let’s dive in and take a look at three top After Effects video templates for Indonesia.

1. Indonesia Map - Republic of Indonesia Map Kit

Build beautiful animated Indonesian maps in seconds, thanks to this powerful template. Featuring seven custom scenes, you’ll be free to mix up colors, focal points, and much more. This one allows you to focus on any Indonesian location with just a few clicks.

2. World Travel

With flat styling popular in modern videos, these flashy graphics are the perfect complement to your future projects. This pack features scenes from Indonesia, along with an array of other locales. 4K layouts and easy customization features make it a smart choice if you need to quickly build a video about a particular spot.

3. Bali Inspire

As one of the world’s most beautiful regions, Bali can deliver lush tropical scenery to any video. This template helps you do exactly that. It includes a wide array of scenes, with custom controls to adjust duration, animations, transitions, and more.

Choice Elements for Indonesia

Graphics: Cities in Indonesia

Easily editable and scalable, this set has high-quality vector illustrations (with text) for 30 Indonesian cities.

Example of Indonesian Cities illustrationsExample of Indonesian Cities illustrationsExample of Indonesian Cities illustrations

Music: Bali

This ident track combines influences: old and new, drumming to start, with ethereal atmosphere layering and building into an exciting crescendo. A good fit for broadcast graphics and logo reveal animations.

Typeface: Sabang

Sabang, a city located on Pulau Weh, is the gateway to the western tip of Indonesia; a marine tourism destination for divers, and the inspiration for this sans-serif typeface. Includes two forms, smooth and rough.

Sabang typeface exampleSabang typeface exampleSabang typeface example

Top Templates for Travel and Geography

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