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12 Top Promo Video Templates for Premiere Pro: Make Ads Quickly

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Whether you're promoting a brand, the next new fashion, or even your YouTube channel, you'll find inspiration here.

Meet 12 of the best promo video templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Each one is professionally crafted and adds instant style to your video project.

Top Promo Video Templates From Envato Elements

Modern Fashion Promo

This promo template for Premiere Pro is a great choice for anyone despite its clear intent to serve the fashion conscious. Modern Fashion Promo is ideal for showing off the hottest new styles.

Key Features

Flashy graphics and easy-to-use image placeholders make customizations super quick. Just drop in your images, and Premiere Pro does the rest of the work.

  • Applications: Premiere Pro
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: efline

Download and Try

Get high-quality video transition effects with Envato Elements. Elevate your video projects, with unlimited downloads from a curated library with the best video transitions, stock video, and more! 

Modern Fashion Promo is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Video Transition Effects From Envato Elements

Work with fresh vlog intro Premiere Pro templates for your channel. Get thousands of Premiere Pro and After Effects templates and other types of creative stock for your videos with an Envato Elements subscription. Let's take a look at some more video templates for download:

Tasty Restaurant Promo – Premiere Pro

Show off your menu items and contactless delivery service with this Tasty Restaurant Promo template. It's both minimal and modern, and versatile enough to use for social media.


Fast Promo Opener Premiere Pro

Fast Promo Opener is our top choice for a promo template for Premiere Pro. It provides a spectacular introduction to anything you're seeking to promote: flashy colors and bold, edgy graphics capture audience attention instantly.


9 Top Templates for Envato Elements (Unlimited Download)

Searching for amazing promo video templates? Envato Elements has tons of templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Check out some video and audio templates we've selected for you: 

Create some sports hype with this motivation promo video template. It's dynamic with sports-related fonts and icons. Switch in your sports blog or fitness center's media for a personalized touch.

Wonderful App Promo and Website Promo – App Promo Video Template

Looking for dynamic video promo templates for an app? This template is simple, fun, and keeps the focus on your app or website. 

PopArt Promo – Promo Video Template

Pop art style will always be in trend. Add a touch of fun and DIY aesthetic to your promo. Templates to make promo videos in Premiere Pro like this one help market your channel through the use of an awesome branded promo.

PopArt Promo Premiere Pro Video TemplatePopArt Promo Premiere Pro Video TemplatePopArt Promo Premiere Pro Video Template

YouTube Promo – Promo Video Template

Don't be afraid to go loud with your promo videos. This top template a fresh style that'll turn heads. This creative YouTube Promo features seven unique scenes that are very easy to customize. 

Typographic Promo – Promo Video Template

Create an awesome promo video with typography. Use titles and animations to engage your audience at a conference or pitch. If you're a beginner to Adobe Premiere Pro, this template is a great place to start.

Web Promo – Promo Video Template

Looking for templates to make promo videos in Premiere Pro? This Premiere Pro video template is ideal for your new website. Display all your web features with fun and bold animations. 

Woman Checking Out Cool Promo – Stock Video

Show some excitement around your promo with real people. Stock videos like this one are super useful to add a human touch to your promo video.

Slow Motion of Impressed Pretty Woman with Curly Hair Showing Okay Signs Checking Out Cool Promo NodSlow Motion of Impressed Pretty Woman with Curly Hair Showing Okay Signs Checking Out Cool Promo NodSlow Motion of Impressed Pretty Woman with Curly Hair Showing Okay Signs Checking Out Cool Promo Nod

Commercial Music – Royalty Free Audio Track

Add a motivational soundtrack to your promo video templates for Premiere Pro. This royalty-free audio track is perfect for a fun and dynamic promo video. 

Promo Sticker Backgrounds – Motion Graphics

Stickers are a great way to highlight messages. This download includes a variety of animated sticker designs for you to use in your promo video templates for Premiere Pro.

Free Premiere Pro Promo Video Templates From Mixkit

Premium templates to make promo videos in Premiere Pro are full of features. But if your budget requires something a little more, well, free, then head over to Mixkit. Here are a pair of templates that are free to download from the site. 

Fresh Food Promo

This short promo is designed with food in mind. It features bold typography over your footage. It can work for all types of promos.

Promo Instagram Story

Promos on Instagram can really boost your business. This free template is perfect for influencers and businesses that want to send followers to their other sites.

Tips on How to Make a Promo Video

Templates to make promo videos in Premiere Pro are great help. But not everyone knows how to make a promo video right off the bat. We've gathered some tips to help you out:

1. Keep It Simple

You may have many promo video ideas, but keeping it simple is the best way to go. Stuffing every idea you have in your video promo will make the final product look unfocused. Stick to just the essentials for a tight, punchy promo.

2. Use Bold Typography

A huge visual element of a video promo is the typography. Here is where you can get really creative with your font choice. Find a creative, interesting font online that fits the style of your promo video template.

3. Choose Your Audio Wisely

The tone of your video promo depends on the mix of the visual and audio. Do they complement each other well? Make sure your audio complements your visual content. Basically, skip the K-pop in your serious corporate promo video.

4. Mind the Length

This one seems obvious, but it's an important tip to keep in mind. There are a lot of overly long video promos that miss the mark by losing the audience. Your promo video is best at 15 seconds or less. If you follow our third tip, staying around this length will be easy to do.

5. Create for Emotions

The first question you should ask yourself before getting started is this: how do you want your audience to feel? Should they feel excited, emotional, intrigued? Once you figure out the answer, it's easier to craft a video promo around that emotion.

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