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Meet 5 New After Effects Video Artists on Envato Market

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Learn From the Best: 5 Hot New Video Creators on VideoHive This Month

Each month in this series we shine a spotlight on five new video artists on Envato Market. Envato Market has over 500,000 video files, but new artists—and the new ideas and projects they create—are added every day.

This month, we feature RVGanimation, MotionTores, DomiMotion, Reflaxess and MassDsgn. It's hard to know where to start when you're developing your video skills; these are creators who's work inspires. Let's take a look at a featured project from each artist:

Each of these projects is designed to give you an on-trend creative head start: Download, drop in your own assets, and make a video in an afternoon.

1. RVGanimation

Featured Project: Search Logo Reveal for Adobe After Effects

After Effects Search Logo RevealAfter Effects Search Logo RevealAfter Effects Search Logo Reveal
You could use the Search Logo project to reveal your own logo and search term.

This search logo reveal from RVGanimation would be great for opening up the video of a web design firm or search agency. Reveal your logo and your own text in this easy project.

2. MotionTores

Featured Project: Search Logo (After Effects)

Search Logo MotionTores After EffectsSearch Logo MotionTores After EffectsSearch Logo MotionTores After Effects
MotionTores' file is a brighter, clean way to animate a search box in your video.

Similar to the file above, this is a simple and clean way to animate a search term. Swap in your own text for the placeholder to animate your own term typed into a search engine.

3. DomiMotion

Featured Project: Slideshow (After Effects)

DomiMotion SlideshowDomiMotion SlideshowDomiMotion Slideshow
Create animations from your still images with this After Effects project.

So you need to make a video, but all you have is photographs. No problem!  DomiMotion's Slideshow template helps bridge the gap. You can use images and create compelling pseudo-animations with this project.

4. Reflaxess

Featured Project: App presentation (After Effects)

Reflaxess Reflaxess Reflaxess
Use your own screenshots or footage in this project to showcase an app.

If you have an app for Android or iOS, you definitely need a video to showcase how your app works. With Reflaxess' file, you can drop in your own app demo to this easy project to show off the app.

5. MassDsgn

Featured Project: Gold & Black Logo (After Effects)

The lighting in this project is really impressive and showcases your logo.

MassDsgn's impressive logo animation really shows the depth of the files that exist on Envato Market. You can drop your own logo into this project and have it looking solid gold with just a few clicks.

More Video Projects

These new authors have an impressive set of projects, but it's just the tip of the iceberg on Envato Market. Check out the project round-ups below to see even more After Effects projects.

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