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Meet 5 Hot New Video Artists on Envato Market (April 2018)

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This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
5 Top Video Artists on Envato Market This Month (April 2018)
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Envato Market has over 500,000 helpful video files, and new items added all the time: there's something for just about every kind of video project.

All those options can be a bit overwhelming, though, so we curate this series each month to shine a spotlight on five promising new artists on Envato Market. Here are five hot video artists and the projects that brought them recognition this month:

1. Danimotions

Featured Project: 200+ Pack: Transitions, Titles, Sound FX for Adobe Premiere

This pack is the perfect way to get started with Adobe Premiere. Including easy transitions, title cards, and sound effects, you can use this to skip the hard work of creating those same styles from scratch.

2. nixmotion_v2

Featured Project: Data Logo Reveal for Adobe After Effects

nixmotion made their way onto the charts this month thanks to the great-looking Data Logo Reveal asset. This is a futuristic and technical looking logo intro for Adobe After Effects that you can add your own logo to for easy title animations.

3. re-player

Featured Project: 70+ Bundle: Glitch and RGB-split Transitions, Sound FX for Adobe Premiere

Here's another great selection for Premiere beginners, as it features everything you need to get started. re-player's top selling product has an incredible selection sound effects, transitions, and glitchy introduction videos. The value here is easy to see thanks to the pure variety of items.

4. MrSiu

Featured Project: Motion Titles for After Effects

Text animation is a great way to set a video off, but it can be difficult to program from scratch. That's exactly where MrSiu's Motion Titles pack comes into play. Just add these to After Effects, add your own text, and update the color scheme to animate fancy titles onto the canvas.

5. panacea_xD

Featured Project: Modern Titles for After Effects

Last up, let's check out another title animation, this one from panacea_xD. This one has the splashy text that is sure to catch a viewer's eye. Try this one out in just a few minutes in Adobe After Effects.

Last Month's Top 5

5. Tetsoo

Featured Item: Logo Reveal Clean 3D

What if you could take your own two-dimensional logo and bring some depth to it? With the Logo Reveal Clean 3D project, you just add your own logo, set the color of the background, render, and you're done.

Logo Reveal Clean 3DLogo Reveal Clean 3DLogo Reveal Clean 3D
Logo Reveal Clean 3D

4. Creative9fx

Featured Item: Lower Thirds Pack for After Effects

A lower thirds pack has a place in every video editor's tool-belt. If you're going to purchase one, why not grab one with a variety of options? As you can see in the screenshot below, there are 50 different Adobe After Effects overlays you can add your own text to in this selection.

Lower Thirds PackLower Thirds PackLower Thirds Pack
Lower Thirds Pack

3. ReboyTH

Featured Item: Smoke Blast HD Alpha-Channel Video

Featuring a number of special effects footage projects, ReboyTH's work was a top choice in January and February. Most of these projects feature an alpha channel for easy use with your video project.

This project is perfect for recreating special effects on a budget. Because of the alpha channel support, you can drop this into most video projects and have it act as an overlay seamlessly.

2. Selectmedias

Featured Item: Establishing Shot of NYC

You don't have to rent a helicopter to set your next homemade movie. Use this high quality, well-shot video footage of the NYC skyline at night to really set the stage for an urban thriller. Aerial videos work great as establishing shots, which help set the environment before changing scenes. You'll often see these types of fly-over clips between scenes in TV and movies.

Establishing Shot of NYC

1. Exvideo

Featured Item: Stomp Opener Template for Adobe After Effects

The Stomp Opener is a great example of Exvideo's skillset. Using After Effects, sync this up with some high energy music and add your own text and footage to grab a viewer's attention. No plug-ins are required to get the most out of this pack.

Stomp OpenerStomp OpenerStomp Opener
Stomp Opener

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More Video Projects

These new authors have an impressive set of projects, but it's just the tip of the iceberg on Envato Market. Check out the project round-ups below for more.

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