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Market Watch: 5 Trending Tools and Templates for Video Creators

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What sells? What's current? What are people looking for? In this quick rundown we highlight five newly-trending video projects from the talented authors on Envato Market.

Each of these projects is designed to give you an on-trend creative head start: Download, drop in your own assets, and make a video in an afternoon.

You can also check out the week's top sellers for video footage and stock footage on Envato Market.

1. Handy Seamless Transitions — Adobe After Effects Presets

Every video editor needs transition effects at their disposal. Even though basic video editing apps feature some built-in transitions, this pack is worth the purchase. It includes exciting animated transitions you can use to switch scenes.

Handy Seamless Transitions packHandy Seamless Transitions packHandy Seamless Transitions pack

2. Lower Thirds — After Effects Project Elements

A lower thirds pack is also a great buy for beginners. Many videos will need some type of overlay or explainer text on top of the video, and these clean and easy effects are a breeze to use. Drop in your own text and change the highlight color to make it feel right at home in your own video.

Lower Thirds example imageLower Thirds example imageLower Thirds example image

3. The Most Handy Presets For Animation Composer — After Effects Presets

Animation Composer is a phenomenal free plugin for Adobe After Effects: it makes animation effects much easier. This pack is a perfect complement, as it contains many pre-built presets for applying animations to an object. It's really a great shortcut to cut down on the work involved with creating animations.

The Most Handy PresetsThe Most Handy PresetsThe Most Handy Presets

4. Digital Slides — After Effects Slideshow Template

If you don't have video footage you can use, the next best thing is to transform your still images with animation. This project is perfect for dropping your images onto the timeline and creating an eye-catching slideshow effect.

Digital Slides example imageDigital Slides example imageDigital Slides example image

5. VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator — After Effects Template 

Simply the best solution in the market to turn your pictures into impressive 3D animations. The fastest way to create simple depth maps for most of your subjects. Create 3 masks + optional floor. Customize and animate directly in After Effects. Landscapes, objects, food and even cats! 

Until Next Month

This collection highlights how easy it is to get started as a video editor and animator with the help of some creative projects. We'll be back next month with another look at top selling projects from Envato Market.

Here are some other round-ups of projects you might want to try in the mean time:

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