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90 Top Video Templates for Final Cut Pro in 2022

Read Time: 13 mins

In this article we showcase new Final Cut Pro templates in ten top categories. We highlight several new template choices from Envato Elements and Envato Market in each category, and revisit a few memorable templates from previous years.

We review templates in these categories:

  1. Intros and Openers
  2. Channel Graphics
  3. Lower-Thirds Titles
  4. Slideshows
  5. Transitions
  6. Logo Animations and Stings
  7. Titles
  8. Promos
  9. Infographics
  10. Live Video

1. Top Intro Templates for Final Cut Pro

An intro, or opening segment, makes the all-important first impression, introduces themes, and sets the tone for the rest of the video.

Flat 3D Opener

Featured Intro Template From Envato Elements

Flat 3D Opener is a simple, attractive intro template that is quick to load with your own media, and easy to edit. It’s flat and 3D, at the same time! It’s also well-animated and wonderfully dynamic. Swap in your logo at the end to tie the whole thing together.

More New Intro Templates

From Envato Elements

With unlimited downloads and millions of creative items, an Envato Elements subscription includes thousands of professionally-designed template options—and you can try as many as you like.

For animation-themed openers, Anime Cosplay Opener and Comic Book Intro offer two impressive takes on the genre. New templates Creative Fashion Opener and Triple Freeze Frame also stand out for style. Trend Promo has a wonderfully angular thing going for it.

For the record, and for a few more Envato Elements options to try, our top intro/opener template highlights from previous years were:

From Envato Market

Not ready for a subscription? For an Envato Market option, try VHS Pack—it includes everything you need to create cool retro openers, including transitions, titles and presets, all in video tape style. $37.

2. Top Channel Graphics Packs for Final Cut Pro

Broadcast packages are sets of motion graphics that you can use to create a unified look for your channel. The titles, graphics, and elements are designed to match and work together to create a cohesive feeling for all your videos.

Modern Pack of Titles and Elements for FCP

Featured Channel Graphics Pack From Envato Elements

If you make a lot of videos for online newscasts or corporate presentations you can have some fun with this bundle. There are over 520 modern elements to experiment with, including titles, animated infographics, and more. The best part is that everything is easy to use and customize.

Modern pack of titles and elements for FCP title slideModern pack of titles and elements for FCP title slideModern pack of titles and elements for FCP title slide

More Broadcast Template Packs

From Envato Elements

YouTube Pack is a new motion graphics template set that has everything you need for your channel. Other new options to try include Modern Broadcast Pack, Minimal Broadcast Package and Clean Broadcast Package.

Previous highlights in this category include:

Envato Market Channel Pack Option

Clean Broadcast Package is an elegant, minimal design with color accents, has over 200 graphic elements in 15 categories to help you create something that looks great for your brand. $35.

3. Top Lower-Thirds Titles for Final Cut Pro

In many videos lower-thirds titles are the only graphics, and therefore even more noticeable and affecting. Even in complex videos, the use of informative titles has a lot of influence over how people experience the story.

Big Image Lower-Thirds V3

Featured Lower-Thirds Templates From Envato Elements

Big Image definitely lives up to its name. This is a template for anyone that wants to crank up the style for their lower thirds. Each of the nine templates combines a photo placeholder with an animated and colorful lower-third title.

Big image lower thirds for FCP previewBig image lower thirds for FCP previewBig image lower thirds for FCP preview

More Lower-Thirds Templates

From Envato Elements

For an unobtrusive option, a nice new set is Minimalist Titles for FCP. Try Social Media Lower-Thirds for Final Cut Pro to share your profile information in an easily recognizable way.

4. Top Slideshow Templates For Final Cut Pro

Slideshows they take a basic photo presentation and turn it into an audio-visual story. They are one of the simplest—and still one of the best—ways to present your photos.

Colorful Brush Slideshow

Featured Slideshow Template From Envato Elements

This slideshow template is a vibrant addition to your Final Cut Pro library in 2022. The hand-animated brush effect makes both pictures and text stand out. AWhat's better,  Colorful Brush Slideshow has an easy to modify modular structure.

Colourful brush slideshow slideColourful brush slideshow slideColourful brush slideshow slide

More Slideshow Templates

From Envato Elements

Colourful Slideshow template is that in spades. If your business is making tasty treats, bake up a sweet display slideshow with Baked Goods Menu.

Previous slideshow templates we've recommended:

From Envato Market

FCP YouTube Essentials has everything you need to brand up your videos for your social channels, with a particular focus on YouTube—but it's also useful for making display videos and slideshows. $29.

5. Top Design Elements for Final Cut Pro

Elements range from helpful extras like fancy cuts to creative, quirky effects that add fun and interest to your videos. Although many seem quite niche, together they serve a wide variety of purposes, and using elements is one way to create videos that stand out.

Cartoon Transitions Pack

Featured Design Elements Template From Envato Elements

This transition pack is perfect for audiences that want to feel like a kid again. Even the kids that want to grow up too fast will slow down for these. Cartoon Transitions Pack features cool animated 2D effects to move between scenes; they’re loud, they’re vibrant, and they’re easy to edit. With 24 unique animations, these transitions will get the creative juices a-flowin’.

Cartoon transitions templates for FCP previewCartoon transitions templates for FCP previewCartoon transitions templates for FCP preview

More Video Elements Templates

From Envato Elements

Two great transition options to try, 3D Transitions and 4K Light Leaks Transitions. And try these elements template picks from previous years:

From Envato Market

Transitions and Sound FX + Bonus, on Envato Market, includes a whopping 500 transitions sorted into 21 categories, including shapes, distortions, and panels. $29.

6. Top Logo Animation Templates and Stings for Final Cut Pro

Bring your brand to life by animating its most important visual element: the logo. Countless options make it easy to match a logo to any type of video, with only a few clicks required to creatively introduce your marketing.

White Glitch Logo Reveal

Featured Logo Animation Template From Envato Elements

Your logo may already be awesome as is, but you can do better than just dropping it in your video. Go ahead and give it some “oomph” with the White Glitch Logo Reveal. This animation is energetic and customizable in Final Cut Pro. The effects won’t overshadow your logo, and they even make way for your brand’s slogan at the end.

White Glitch Logo tempaltes previewWhite Glitch Logo tempaltes previewWhite Glitch Logo tempaltes preview

More Logo Animation Templates

From Envato Elements

Logo animations come in many different styles and types. Here are a few examples: Twitch Logo Reveal is a nice addition to your live video channel graphics. Neon Logo Reveal has a dark electric mood. Food Logo and Liquid Splash Logo are fun.

Previous logo selections:

From Envato Market

Simple Logo Reveal is an uncomplicated, clean, quick reveal for your logo. This template works with any logo and includes two versions. $11.

7. Top Title Templates for Final Cut Pro

Professionally-designed titles for your production introduce big ideas and help frame your narrative. The best title templates match your style and the mood of the video, and bring plenty of customization options to the table.

YouTube Titles 1.0

Featured Title Templates From Envato Elements

Like, subscribe, and click the bell, that’s the YouTuber’s mantra. If you want to add a fresh visual element to these words in 2022, action titles at the start or end of videos are a good way to get consistent with your appeal. With the nine included templates, you’ll have plenty of options.

YouTube Titles 1.0 template pack previewYouTube Titles 1.0 template pack previewYouTube Titles 1.0 template pack preview

More Title Templates

From Envato Elements

There are many template options for Story titles, one example is Instgram Stories. Neon Creative Titles has a nice variety of titles in a 80s retro-esque vaporwave style. For something a little more subtle, try Minimal Call-Outs.

A few more title templates from previous years' selections:

From Envato Market

Try 99 Final Cut X Titles Pack from Envato Market: this comprehensive pack is suitable for a wide range of products and brands. The titles are easy to edit in Final Cut (10.2.2 or newer), or in Motion. $25.

8. Top Promo Templates for Final Cut Pro

Promo videos are built to drive purchasing decisions, but also need to meet the expectations of your audience. Specialized promo templates can help you market your offerings, whatever they may be.

TikTok Promo

Featured Promo Video Template From Envato Elements

TikTok was officially the most downloaded app of 2021, and its influence isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’ve got a personal or professional TikTok account to promote, here’s a template for you. One thing that stands out is that the TikTok Promo for Final Cut Pro is always moving. The dynamic style works well with the customizable device mockups and text boxes. Don’t forget the logo placeholder at the end if you’re working on a brand video!

TikTok Promo template for FCP previewTikTok Promo template for FCP previewTikTok Promo template for FCP preview

More Promo Templates

From Envato Elements

For a more traditional option, Product Promo Slideshow is a solid choice and so is Products Promo. For a menu, Food Menu Slideshow. Nice little set of related templates in Gaming Set Product Promo, Home Electronics Product Promo, Sport Product Promo and Fast Food Promo.

In previous years, we selected:

9. Top Infographics Templates For Final Cut Pro

Video is a powerful way to communicating ideas, but it can be tough to keep things engaging and visually appealing when you have a lot of complex information to convey. That's where infographic templates for Final Cut Pro come in.

Weather Elements

Featured Infographic Templates From Envato Elements

If your video subject is braving the elements, then check out these weather infographics. The six included elements are animated with a modern and bright art style, so even rainy days will look good with these templates. Try them out for travel, vacation, or giving the local forecast.

Weather Elements FCP graphics templatesWeather Elements FCP graphics templatesWeather Elements FCP graphics templates

More Infographic Templates

From Envato Elements

For maps and driving-related, Maps and Routes animations helps tell a travel story. Trendy Infographics let's you display data with just the right amount of style. And Techno HUD Titles 4K is a kit to create futuristic heads-up display titles.

Our infographic pack picks from previous years:

From Envato Market

Infographics has three colour options and six chart elements. There are also helpful video tutorials included with the download. $21.

10. Top Live Streaming Graphics for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro templates for live video streaming applications are a new addition to this reviews page this year.

YouTube End Screens for Apple Motion and FCP

Featured Templates for Live Video From Envato Elements

This a lightweight download that renders super-fast. Just choose from the ten looping animations to promote your other videos or social platforms. Whether working in Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion, you can customize these no problem and with no plugins needed.

YouTube end screens templates for FCP preview slideYouTube end screens templates for FCP preview slideYouTube end screens templates for FCP preview slide

More Templates

From Envato Elements

If you broadcast on Facebook or it's subsidiary Instagram, try the templates Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

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