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Bonus: 6 Little Essential Tips for Drone Video Operators

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In this lesson we're going to take a look back at what we've covered so far in our drone production tutorial series, and recap a few key points you should remember when flying, as well as a few extra tips to use while flying. You can also download the Extra Drone Tips PDF in the project files which has links to everything mentioned.

1. Minimize Distractions When Flying

Limit your distraction before and while flying your drone. No matter how much training you have, distractions will affect your judgement. Be mindful if other people are around you when flying and try to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary crowded situations.

Flying a droneFlying a droneFlying a drone

2. Get Extra Batteries

Extra batteries is always a good idea and it can also allow you to fly while another battery is charging. If you are on a shoot, it is just too big a risk to try and depend on only one battery to get all of the shots you need.

Drone batteriesDrone batteriesDrone batteries

3. Bring a Folding Table

One helpful (but not required) accessory is a folding table that you can use to help set up your drone on. It help because you are not having to constantly bend over to adjust and prep your drone.

Small folding tableSmall folding tableSmall folding table

Foam Board (Folding Table Alternative)

A cheaper solution to a folding table is using a foam board that you cut in half and then tape together with gaffer tape. (The tape allows you to fold up the foam board.) This acts a great platform for you to set your drone up on.

Drone sitting on foam board ready for flightDrone sitting on foam board ready for flightDrone sitting on foam board ready for flight

4. Shoot at 30fps

Shooting at 30fps will not only give you smoother footage, but if you do require 24fps, you can always interpret the footage down in post from 30fps to 24fps. This will give you a subtle slow motion effect on your footage as well.

Sunset as seen from a drone cameraSunset as seen from a drone cameraSunset as seen from a drone camera

5. Check the K-Index

The K-Index measures electromagnetic interference from the sun that could interfere with your radio signal from your drone. Just use caution on days with a high index value. 

K-index chartK-index chartK-index chart

6. Keep a Silica Packet in Your Kit

Place a silica packet (the ones often found in packaging for shoes, electronics and some kinds of food) inside of your drone storage case to absorb moisture. 

Silica packet in drone caseSilica packet in drone caseSilica packet in drone case
Remember to download the Extra Tips PDF in the project file!

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