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60 Second How-to: Custom Sequence Images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Read Time: 2 mins

You might already know that you can sort images in Adobe Lightroom based on information from your camera, like capture time and filename, but did you know that you can use Lightroom to create custom sequences of images? This is an incredibly powerful feature for creating visual stories. Learn how in this quick tutorial.

Lightroom SequencingLightroom SequencingLightroom Sequencing
Adobe Lightroom typically shows images in capture order, but chronological sequence is usually not the best way to tell a story with photographs.

Visual stories don't always play out in chronological order. The best way to tell a story with images requires curation and sequencing. 

60 Seconds: How to Rename Images in Adobe Lightroom

Let's learn how to use custom sequencing in Adobe Lightroom. This quick screencast will show you how to reorder your images with a custom sequence.

Once again: turn on the toolbar by pressing T on your keyboard, then change the Sort option to Custom Order.

Sort Custom OrderSort Custom OrderSort Custom Order
Turn on the toolbar by pressing on your keyboard, then change the Sort to Custom Order.

Envato Elements: Featured Lightroom Presets 

Thanks for watching the tutorial! Here are three featured presets available on Envato Elements. Lightroom presets can speed up your workflow, boost your creativity, and provide simple solutions to common editing challenges.

Black and White: Blacktone

Blacktone offers advanced black and white conversion presets to enhance your portrait workflow and speed up your post-processing. These presets are perfect for outdoor or studio portraits, and fashion and fine-art photography.

Blacktone by Presetrain

Creative: Burgundy

This collection is perfect for all photography styles, including landscape, portraits, fashion and fine-art. Bring a rich, vintage tone and warmth to your images.

Burgundy by Presetrain  

Special Effects: Light Leaks Vol. 2

Just about everyone loves a light leak effect, and you can have 25 of them with this download. Each preset is non-destructive and works on photographs with lighting of any kind.

Light Leaks Vol 2Light Leaks Vol 2Light Leaks Vol 2
Light Leaks Vol. 2 by ShinyPixel  

Keep Learning

Sequencing is a storytelling tool. It's more than just an option, it's a way to convey images in a meaningful order.

If you want to learn more about storytelling and delivery of images, check out the tutorials below. You'll find that there's more to delivery than shooting and burning a disc.

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