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7 Simple Project Templates for Premiere Pro That Any Editor Can Use


Even the best video producers can use a bit of a head start and, if you're an Adobe Premiere user, you have tons of ways to save time. You don't have create everything from scratch: use templates and preset packs to give your workflow a boost.

In this round-up, we're going to sample from the best Premiere templates on Envato Elements, templates that are easy-enough for beginners to use, including logos, lower thirds and animations. Make sure to play the video previews below to see each project in action.

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1. Logo Identity Premiere Pro

One staple of every Premiere producer's toolkit is an intro that includes a logo placeholder. For every corporate client or big brand you might want to promote, the logo is often the centerpiece of the opener and this Premiere logo project is perfect for that animation.


2. Isometric Infographics Bundle Premiere Pro

An infographic tells a story about data with visuals, and this is one of the best toolkits for doing that. This Adobe Premiere infographic project will help you craft meaningful stories using data in less time than you could ever create it from scratch.


3. Modern Titles Pack

Eye-catching text can add the perfect annotation to a video to introduce a video. Clean, sans-serif text and simple animations will bring to life your video and set the tone for your video. Use these as the titles for a video without the work of animating text.


4. Social Media Pack

Need to cross-promote your social media channels? Look no further. This project could be perfect for a YouTube channel owner that has other social platforms to push, for example. With easy animations that can poitn to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other handles, this is ideal for growing your social reach.


5. Elegant Lower Thirds

A lower thirds effect is really essential for every video editor: whether you use it to annotate the video with the on-camera personality's name or add notes to the video, a lower thirds is an unobtrusive way to add detail. Use this project to add those details without having to draw shapes and animations from scratch.


6. Flat Design Transitions Pack

Every video editing app like Adobe Premiere has built-in transition effects, but a project like this flat transitions pack can take your transitions to the next level with unique effects that are different than the built-in transitions. Try these out for a flat way to cut between scenes and keep the attention. 


7. Dynamic Upbeat Opener

This project is really an all-in-one to create a high energy video reel. Combo together text, video footage, and stock photos to create videos that set the tone for an upbeat production.


More Premiere Projects

Want to see even more Premiere projects? Check out the round-ups below to try out more assets that are easy to drop into the app and customize.

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