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A Photographer's Guide to Contrast

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At this point in your life, you will have realized that the world looks a lot different on a clear and sunny day compared to an overcast day. Why is this? 

The answer is contrast, and in this video from my course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, you will find out exactly how contrast works. You'll learn how different types of light can create high-contrast or low-contrast images, and how you can change your light sources to get the results you want.

High-contrast imageHigh-contrast imageHigh-contrast image

Watch the Full Course

The full course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, is an in-depth exploration of how light works and how you can use it to make better photographs. As well as contrast, you'll also learn about brightness and color, and we'll also cover other concepts like absorption, reflection, and transmission.

You can also manipulate contrast with some of the fantastic contrast Photoshop actions on Envato Market. Or try these High Contrast Lightroom Presets.

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