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Adobe Camera RAW for Beginners: Clarity, Vibrance, & Saturation

This post is part of a series called Camera RAW for Beginners.
How to Make Basic Adjustments to Photos With Adobe Camera Raw (for Free)
Adobe Camera RAW for Beginners: Basic Adjustments in Action

Today is the third and final tutorial in our ongoing Adobe Camera RAW series. We round-up our introduction to basic adjustments with a look at the final three – Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation.

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Clarity has a similar functionality to contrast; however, it works on the midtones of the image rather than the entire image like contrast.


Vibrance boosts the saturation of your lower-saturated colors. That means that it won't over saturate colors that are already bright. Another great feature of vibrance is that it won't turn your skin tones orange like the Saturation slider will.


Saturation increases or decreases color intensity across all channels. Too much saturation will make your photos look fake and blow out your colors, while -100 saturation will remove all color.

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