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Adobe Camera RAW for Beginners: Tone Curve

This post is part of a series called Camera RAW for Beginners.
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In this video tutorial we will look at the Tone Curve tool and put it to work. We'll be focusing on the Parametric and Point areas of the Tone Curve, and using various photos to explain the effect they can have.

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The Tone Curve is broken down into two different tabs. The Parametric area allows you to make quick adjustments to the overall tone, while the Point area allows for greater and more customized tone adjustments.

Picture 1

In this picture by photographer Valerie Robinson we use the parametric tone tab to make changes to the highlights and lower the shadows.

Picture 2

In this photo we use the point curve to really pull out the highlights and midtones and bring in some darker shadows as well.

The tone tool can be used along with the basic adjustments to really improve the look of your photos.

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