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10 Great Video Templates for Beginners in Premiere Pro

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Read Time: 8 mins

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful editing tool, so it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when you're just getting started. With helpful tutorials and courses, like our Introduction to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, we can help you get your work to the next level. In this article, we've grabbed some amazing templates to help build your comfort and the strength of your editing.

Templates Are a Fun Way to Learn

Learning any app from the ground up is time consuming. If you're working for clients, they often don't have the time: you need to create a professional product in a short turn-around. Not fun! These ready-to-use templates can help guide your learning and speed up your workflow, giving you the time to enjoy the process. Let the knowledge of others build your skills naturally.

In this round-up, we chose templates that are guided by the following principles:

  • Ease of use: We worked through the templates in this round-up to make sure they were easy for a beginner, and almost all of them come with a helpful tutorial.
  • Simplicity: Trying to keep things manageable, we used templates that feature only a couple of items that might need to be customized. 
  • Variety of assets: Titles, lower thirds, slideshows, and more. Giving you the tools to make almost any video you'd hope to create.

Here are ten fun Premiere Pro templates from the authors at Envato Elements that are quick to pick up and easy to use:

1. Social Media Promo

With a maximalist style and modern graphics, Social Media Promo is a visually-interesting template. It's full of dynamic movement and allows you to change text and drop in photos and videos easily.

2. Clean Title Reveal

Exactly what the name promises—a clean and simple title sting that makes your text the centre of attention. The customization of this template is accomplished with a couple of clicks of the mouse, and it includes a helpful tutorial to help get you going.

3. Dynamic Upbeat Opener

Dynamic Opener is a modular template allowing you to pick and choose which of the assets you’d like to use. Add your photos or video media to the timeline and start creating your own rhythmic intro for your project.

4. Minimal Glitch Titles

Glitch effects are very popular in video today, from subtle colour shimmers to heavy, wavy distortion. If you’re looking to add a tasteful glitchy title for your next project, this minimal template has you covered. It’s easy to use and is perfect for any modern promotion with elegant and direct production.

5. 15 Wedding Titles

This pack is perfect for videographers who create amazing wedding videos for their clients. These classic titles are wonderful to have in your toolbox and are guaranteed to please the bride and groom.

6. Vintage Memories Slideshow

Bring character and life to your photos with Vintage Memories Slideshow. It's a template with a compelling retro-style look that’s full of depth and emotion. While not suited for every project, this one is still a great asset for the right project.

7. Modern Lifestyle

Modern Lifestyle is an opener that gives all the attention to the text while still bringing out the best of your photos. It's sleek, cinematic, easy to use and elegant. Use it to see grain, light leaks and a parallax effect added to your media, giving movement and depth to your opening sequence.

8. Local News Elements

Perfect for any news theme or live broadcast television project, this project is flexible enough to be used in themes other than news, too. This template is easily customizable and requires no third-party plugins.

9. Dope Transitions

This is an extremely popular pack, and it boasts over 400 transitions to choose from. With four choices of speed and each one with its own unique sound, you’ll be able to bring style and excitement to all of your videos.

Try our new course to learn how to make video transitions with this excellent template as a starting point. Or you can watch the video tutorial to help you get started.

10. Call Outs

A great template for displaying information about a specific item in your video. Call Outs would be great in a product video to point to each feature and easily give context to your audience.

Even More Creative Premiere Pro Templates

As you've probably already seen, Envato Elements is home to some incredible Premiere Pro templates. They're very easy to use and can elevate your final product. You can find even more titles, transitions, and even more assets for your next project from these articles:

Premiere Pro Tips for Beginners From Envato Tuts+

 You've just seen some of the most fun templates for Premiere Pro beginners to use. But to really get going, you'll want to see some of these tips that new Premiere Pro users should know.

1. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

The time it takes to hunt for what you want in different menus can be cut out entirely through keyboard shortcuts. These combinations work for popular actions like zooming in and out as well as different types of edits like ripple trims.

I recommend starting off by searching for shortcuts of actions you find yourself repeating, and expanding from there. Envato Tuts+ instructor Andrew Childress has made a list of some essential keyboard shortcuts that you should check out:

2. Rename Timeline Clips

Are you working with clips that have similar file name structures? Or are you working with specific clips from within a long piece of footage? If either of these cases is true, you'll want to learn how to rename clips in your timeline. All you need to do is select the clip in your timeline, click on the Clip menu, then click Rename.

The benefit of this is that you get to keep the original file name in your Project panel. Now you can identify specific clips while working in your timeline without making large project changes.  

3. Study Color Grading

As you start to edit more and more footage in Premiere Pro, you'll start to notice that not all footage is created equal. Sometimes you'll need to use footage that has color that needs adjusting. This is where color correcting and color grading come in. These practices will help you change the look and feel of your videos.

While advanced color grading is difficult to master, using premade lookup tables (LUTs) are perfect for beginners. In a matter of clicks, you can have the stylized look you're aiming for in your footage. Learn more about color grading and find LUTs here:

More Video Production Resources From Envato

If you regularly need to make promo videos or work on video marketing, you'll want to check out these resources straight from Envato.

Boost Your Video Marketing With the Envato Guide

Boost your video marketing skills with our comprehensive guide: You'll learn video marketing from start to finish.

Learn More About Video Production With the Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel 

Our written guides have helped many worldwide learn new skills. But did you know we have video tutorials now? Head over to our Premiere Pro video tutorial playlist and dive into different lessons to get familiar with the editor. Here's just one of the courses you can find from our YouTube channel:

Download Free Video, Music, and Templates From Mixkit

Check out Mixkit for free stock videosfree stock music, and free templates for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Portrait stock videoPortrait stock videoPortrait stock video

Make a Motion Graphics Video Online With Placeit

Placeit is an online video maker with professionally-designed motion graphics templates.

Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements offers millions of stock items: photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, video project templates for After EffectsPremiere ProFinal Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+, all with a single subscription: Download as many items as you want for one low monthly price.

Envato Elements Design Without LimitsEnvato Elements Design Without LimitsEnvato Elements Design Without Limits

Keep Learning!

Thanks for stopping by! Envato Elements and Tuts+ are constantly adding new templates and new tutorials to further your skills. Here are a few more helpful links for you to check out:

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